Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ceb Adv

Didn’t understand why we had to pass by Cebu. I mean, great place I know (no offense to Cebuanos out there) but I thought this vacation is all about the beach. Yes, have plenty of beaches here but we booked our hotel by the city and tomorrow we’re leaving for Bohol already. ?????

At 7 AM in hotel, what now? Spelled it out for them. SLEEP. Haha!!

About 45 mins after, we decided to check that breakfast house recommended by Cebu Pac’s magazine Smile. Surprise, surprise! All 4 friends have been to Cebu already and they know the way around. So what now, they want me to see the city for myself? Aww, so sweet. LOL!

We had Sinangag for breakfast somewhere near the hotel. It was recommended by CebuPac’s magazine Smile but maybe they could ask me to stay to look around and put some other suggestions in there. =P Anyway, afterwards we had to go to Pier to book tickets for tomorrow as recommended by the hotel’s crew. We tried to go commute using jeepneys but can’t forget restaurant’s crew to simply take taxi instead. “For sure ba.” That’s how he said it, haha it just sounds gay to me. :P

We landed on the wrong Pier terminal so had to take another one to transfer to Terminal 3 only to find out that tickets cannot be booked in advance. =( One bad thing after another happened to us in Cebu. Without any other plans in the morning, we headed to SM Cebu for grocery shopping. I can’t believe my photo with landmark of Cebu will have to be in here. Yay! Haha!

We went back to hotel to have more sleep after. Haha! We had some two good hours of shuteye I think then went to check out some dried mangoes for pasalubong shopping. This is where the interview happened. And just like an epiphany, I finally understood the purpose of my coming here – to be discovered as a host. Wahaha!!! =)) Sorry but am bound by a contract not to divulge details of the interview before it airs. Meh ganon? Hahaha!!! I was just kidding. Uhm, I actually have a copy but it’s too long and the word “CUT!” can be heard because we had about 3 takes. Hahaha!! Can’t be spontaneous on times like this though I have this prepared speech in my head that I memorized over and over again the moment the director cajoled me using my hat then finally asked for the interview. During the camera roll though, I didn’t understand why some highfalutin unexpected words spring out of my mouth. Some adverb that I don’t normally use like “apparently”. Hahaha!! Basta, will share soon.

Went back again to hotel to drop the box of dried mangoes and chicharon. And went out again for our main agenda at Cebu: Skywalk extreme at Crown Regency Hotel.

It happens on the 37th floor of the hotel wherein wearing Skywalk suits attached to harnesses, you get to walk around the edge of the building on see through glass flooring. My only gripe is that we did it on nighttime so only the city lights are visible in the pictures. Also, their policy not to bring anything during the skywalk is a bit overrated. They could’ve just asked us to sign that we are liable for the loss of our gadgets. :P The complaint stems from the fact that pics are very much dependent on their hired photographers. I could take better photos than these, lol! And dear, the price you have to pay……it’s just not worth it.

We capped off the night with some buffet dinner by the same hotel.

And oh, we had fun saying "Lugar lang" in jeepneys instead of the usual Para if you are alighting.  Haha! :D

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