Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cebu, B??

Define Kaladkarin.

‘Twas a Sunday afternoon sometime March just before I stepped inside the hall for our Sunday meeting, my phone vibrated with an SMS from my friend Randolph. The message contains something in the likes of

‘May seat sale CebuPac Cebu-Bohol. Game?’

But of course I can still remember my one-word response.


There goes the definition of Kaladkarin. No questions asked to any invitation, go lang ng go! Haha!!

Few minutes after which I got mildly hurt that he’s asking for details such as my middle name for booking purposes! My middle name! How could he EVER forget?? We applied for this org in college wherein everybody was required to know their batchmate’s details. I can never forget his Amboy middle name. Regardless if it’s easy to recall, I NEVER forget details of my friends. Hmmmpf! It made me wonder how come he was always my partner whenever we compete for quiz shows, etc. Such poor memory. Hmpf! Hahaha!! But I think there’s only one explanation to that, he’s getting old. Oh well…………. :P

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago with my split-second, gut decision taking on a crazy forward motion, itineraries were being retrieved from about 4th or 5th pages back of email inbox and being checked. And then as if really missing the point ever since the mail was forwarded, the content of itinerary drives the point home.

Departure: 4:55 AM.

WTH???? Aaaargggh, Rrraaaaandoooolllllpppphh!!!!!! Grrrrr!!!!

Randolph, the “booker”, did it again. (He did the same thing back in our SG trip, which I will blog real soon, pinky swear!;)

What the blazes do we need to be in Cebu for at 6AM??????????????

Define cramming.

Night before flight. Did Body Pump in Fitness First Greenhills. Note: Must stay in shape for the beach. Reached home 10:30.

10:30 PM Dress rehearsal.

11:30 PM Blogspot update. Will be away for days. Excited to Must inform readers. If I may add, define responsible blogger for me?? Ehem, ehem. =P

12:00 Midnight Final packing.

1:00 AM Hit the bed.  Set alarm 2:30 AM.

Later past 1. Realized can’t sleep.

Even later past 1. Wide-awake in the dark. Yawns. Eyes watery, I must be sleepy now but I just can’t. Is it the excitement?

2:00 AM Gets up and showers. Aaaargh!!!

3:47 AM Reached Terminal 3 check-in section just in time before it closes for the flight. Mortified to find seat booked was “Go-Lite”. No check-in luggage! Except for Bong, shared in his 15 kg. Whew!!!

En route to Cebu. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk

Like I just had enough sleep!! Aaargh!!

Define Bait.

Outside Cebu airport, taxi queue.

In my jumpsuit and hat, urged by friends to flag taxi driver. All 5 of us might not be admitted in one taxi. Need charming good negotiator, it might work with no extra charge.

“Negotiated” with driver. Manong driver agrees.

Incandescent with triumph, faces back four friends. Mental high-five to everyone. Started loading things at the trunk of the cab, even sat beside driver to reward kindness. Fyi, I NEVER do this. When everyone settled, Manong driver speaks. The son of his mother-father asks for additional pay!!!!!!

And just like that, I was reminded that even in CEBU, somewhere further down south in the Visayan island of the Philippines with about 1 hr flight away from Manila.....


(To be continued….)

How'd ya like my blogging format? Haha!  'Twas inspired by the current book I'm reading.  :)  Anyways, regular format resumes soon and just so lucky to have always been booked in the window seat w/o me requesting for it.  Some plane shots:
@Cebu Breaking Dawn
@Bohol (flight back to Manila).  Nice noh??
And my current favorite picture, aside from the snorkel with the fishy fishy.  At our garden in Bohol, jumpsuit from Forever21. =)
More stories to come. =)


Anonymous said...

Hey Casey,

My friends and I are planning a trip to Bali in Feb or March..
We should do a meet there if you have vacations. Our plan is to stay for 2 weeks, and just backpack/hostel the area..


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bali! I'd love to come coz I don't think we can squeeze in Bali in my Jakarta trip w/ the girls. Let me know if it's final na but I don't think I can stay for 2 wks, hehe.