Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Single Diaries 3: The Cancelled Date

Again, I don’t know if this case is only applicable to me. But recently I have problems on finding persons to watch a movie with. Well what’s new? You were not privy to the fact that I already experienced watching Kung Fu Panda alone some years back. ‘Twas some feat, I may say.

So what happened was, this particular special guy made an advanced notification (as in 1 month before the showing sked of the movie) that he’ll go out with me to watch that. How excited I was?? You can view in my tweet! Hahaha!!! *theme song during that time, Brit Brit's Anticipating* LOL!

Unfortunately, he had to see it with someone else. BOO!! And I won’t elaborate on that note further but no no no, it wasn’t his girlfriend or wife, I’m afraid it might give you an idea that I’m No. 2 or something. Haha! Basta, he wasn’t able to say no.

He made the final notice the day before we’re supposed to watch it. So on the last minute, I was browsing through my internal contacts on persons whom I could possibly go out with. But the thing is this movie was one of those highly anticipated flicks this year. I’ve been trying to book seats thru way way ahead but they’re all fully booked!!!

Friends of course I have a lot. So when I one by one sent them a message, I’m surprised most of them have already seen it! Well, except for a gay friend who was then having his vacay, I was surprised these single friends of mine “plans better than I do” when it comes to watching flicks.  There must be some secret here, haha!

And so one by one also I made a mental strikethrough of names in my head as I scroll through my phone’s contacts again and again (come on, come on there has got to be someone in here). When finally, I saw this codename for a guy friend of mine then I paused for a while doubting if I should ask him or not.

You see, many people wouldn’t understand that I am in good terms with him. But it’s already the case now so with his name still in highlight, I clicked on Options -> Send Message. I was thinking, hey we had a casual dinner 3 months ago so I think it’s just fine to ask him out. Good times' sake, maybe.

His response just reminded me on why I used to hate him back then. He’s soooo MALABO!!! It’s been what, 6 years and he’s still like that – BLURRED! Haha! I don’t even know if there’s a right translation in that description of guys. My SMS is something very direct. I even started it addressing him as Kuya (not that he is older but just to denote that hey-I-might-be-asking-you-out-but-we-are-buddy-buddies-okay?). When he replied asking “what time”? I gave him a list of the time slots and asked him to pick whichever is convenient for him so I could finally make a reservation.

Seconds, nay minutes had gone by and he hasn’t replied yet so I tried dialing his number. He cancelled it and I got this message after, “I’m probably sleeping or in a meeting that time.”

I know that text. That certain snobbish konyo-tic text! It had to be from his ex; they’re probably together at that moment because of some baby duties. Okay yes they have a baby but they’re not together anymore although I believe the girl up to now still wants him back. I had a chance to get close to this girl during the time she was pregnant and still together just to prove that REALLY I don’t have anything to do with him anymore. She’s like I said konyo-tic (for years of working from a call center which lemme pronounced as senner, lol!) And after that I don’t know what happened anymore, she still feels jealous of me and said I was “feeling gf”.

Feeling gf?? Like duh?? What does she think about what she just did?? Taking the cellphone of the guy (who’s not even your bf) and replying to his inbox? And to this I say always, “Sobrang hate ko ang mga taong feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” No to S.O.s that meddle with their partner’s phones! HATE, HATE, HATE!!!

All at once I felt stupid and I hated myself for considering him in the first place. Her text just made me feel that there’s something more about my motive albeit purely platonic. And that guy, I hate hate hate him for allowing the girl to mess up with his phone. Again, BIG NO NO to submissive guys like that if I may add!! Hmpf!!! XD The incident once again reminded me why he was coded like that in my contacts: FRENEMY.

Yes, a friend he is to me. But sometimes, he still finds way to irritate me. Haha! Of course, this incident is just a very mild thing but I deleted him in my FB just to punish him. LOL!

Anyway, I finally got a reply from someone whom I asked to go out with. He said he’s available. YES! *with some air-punching in there* Haha! Isn't it obvious how much I wanted to see this film?  LOL!  This guy I went out with a couple of times right after the break-up period, the friendship didn’t escalate to “something” further because I knew within myself that he will just be the rebound guy. He might be reading this now but as always I am grateful that he’s always available for me. A true friend indeed.

The original date, upon learning what happened, informed me that he was willing to watch the movie again. With me. But sorry, the damage has been done. And besides, isn’t the offer a bit too late?? I tried so very hard myself to understand the reason why he can’t make it and I was expecting that offer right at the onset. Didn’t he know I have a lot of guys friends I can hang out with??

HUWAW, A LOT DAW. Hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice nice nice.. Miss reading your blog... I would have gone out with ya Casey, but alas, too far lol...



‎"To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced

Go watch Eat Pray Love.. It's a shitty movie, but it has fantastic quotes lol..

I watched the movie with my friend Samantha, and she was balling her eyes out saying that's her life right there on the movie LOL..

CaseyCakes said...

Hahaha!! And i missed your witty comments too! lol!

Yeah its okay I understand the reason of your hiatus..wahaha!!

Yeah yeah, I'm waiting for that movie too.. It's recommended by The Single Woman in twitter..hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

twitter? lol f'n lol.. the movie sucks, but I've got so many good quotes from it, that I actually downloaded the ebook, and put it on my Ipad.


"Your problem is you don't know what the word means. People think a soul mate is our perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life"

Anonymous said...

So since we're talking about that word, can you say that your current gf is your soulmate?? Hahahaha!!!!


Anonymous said...

lol.. soulmate? I don't know..

Howbout she's someone I deeply care about. lol


Anonymous said...


I hear wedding bells...LOLs!


Anonymous said...

lol @ wedding bells.

You have a better chance seeing me in white dress walking down the isle than seeing me proposing..