Wednesday, August 18, 2010

KL Day2c: Mall Hops/ Sightseeing

Free & Easy is our agenda for the afternoon after the Skybridge visit. Or, simply put, it’s SHOPPING TIME!! HAHAHA!!

Ate Lisa, in all her 6 years of stay, in Kaye Elle (Peace Ate Lisa, haha!) couldn’t for the life of her figure out the way out of Suria KLCC going to this other mall where we could have our late lunch. :P

While she was asking for directions, I can’t help but admire the concourse roof! With a shoulder bag that can’t even house the point & shoot, what else is there for me to do but snap away! :P

And yes, while further asking for directions (from a different source this time, haha!), I was again left amazed by this glass staircase which you can find going up KL’s Aquaria. Well, we opted to exclude this since we’re not in the mood for seeing sharks and all those friends of Nemo. :P

This mall has just given me a fresh interest when it comes to architecture and interior design! :P :P :P

Alas, with all the confusion, the man by the info area agreed to escort us out. We're hopeless.  Yay! Haha!

At Pavilion mall, we headed straight to where else but Food Republic! Because, I was craving for this, Prawn Mee! Haha!

So yummy! I can finish a LARGE serving of it. :D In SG Malls, I know where exactly to locate it even if I don’t know the name of the concessionaire that serves it. Initially I had doubt if I can find it in Pavilion but it was there! SO happy! I’ll never get tired of this food! :P

While waiting for my shoe sizes inside the mall, I noticed quite a trend when it comes to pets here. I’m not sure what is this called, an inflatable pet? Haha! But it’s cute though. There’s a pig and a dog happily carried away by young girls. :P

We took an exit from the main façade of the mall where you can find a crystal fountain (a hallmark for being the tallest apparently in MY). If you turn left to it, you will be greeted by a parade of expensive boutiques (yaaay!!) and we decided to check out Ate Lisa’s coveted Elle Vee bag, yay! :P

Seeing this row of street-front duplexes that house flagship boutiques, I can't help but remember this response for a survey in radio about the top ten signs that you're high maintenance.  One answer was:  If you only patronize products withs name most people can’t pronounce like Lanvin, Loubotin, Lacroix & Blahnik.  Haha!
 And Ate Lisa & I can't just stop laughing about our faux pas on reading brands like Bebe but the classic one is from her officemate via phone on Miu Miu. :))  She pronounced it as.....MEOW MEOW!  HAHAHA!!

Okay let's not beat around the bush here.  Yes I admit I made mistakes too (tell me all about it, I just bought 2 Lanvin perfumes on sale 3 weeks ago & that Mr Salesguy had to correct me..sheesh!  Lan- VAN, okay fine! :p)  but meow meow is just too funny.  Anyway, I found a website that informs us ignoramus on pronunciations here.

On the quest to score more shoes, further walking revealed this cute shirt boutique by the street!  Nice concept, can't see the brand though! :)

The last mall I remember we visited is a far cry from that of Pavilion.  Matter of fact it reminded me of the cheap malls we visited in Kota Kinabalu.  Nevertheless it houses a Vincci shop with the most shoes on sale!!!!  Scored 2 pairs! :P  We explored the shop some more and I was able to buy a nice bag for the DSLR.  Similar to my laptop, I never really intended to buy one for this (Wil gasps at this moment, haha!!) because I know that can always contain it in my BULKY bags!  Have a lot of those.  But the weight is taking its toll on my nape so yey to DSLR bag! Hahaha!!  I'm a reckless photographer owner.  :P

Time passed so quickly inside the mall, only when this particular floor started closing its shops did we notice that it's almost 9PM.  It was too bad because we've just reached it and it has those dresses typically seen in BKK.  Oh well, papel.

For dinner, Ate Lisa decided on one of her favorites Kim Gary restaurant, which I'd like to remember fondly as the Question & Answer Restau because of the form you have to fill out when ordering. :P

Us.  Tired, exhausted, beat, pooped, worn out. :P

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