Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Genesis

Once upon a boring dance class that’s supposed to be an enjoyable one if not for this substitute instructor, who keeps on introducing songs that are rarely used here, I started looking around the group exercise room. Everybody seems to be soldiering on even if they’re not accustomed to the said tracks, I had to persist I told myself. I did.

 But the register in the mirror tells me that I just simply had to give up because of the lag in my movements. I have to stop trying. It’s UGLY. Finally, I turned my head to the left just to observe the men in the weights section. Above everything else, can I just say that I love this transparent section of the group exercise room? About two-thirds of its entire length is covered in mirror and the remaining part is covered in glass it gives you a view of the men working out their muscles right outside the room. Haha! Just like now where I noticed this hunk of a man in black tight-fitting singlet lifting some “real” heavy weights for the chest section. Wow, I thought to myself. Haha. I turned to my best friend on my right, just like me, she seems a bit bored too since we’re anticipating some tracks for today that most likely will not be played tonight. When finally the song is OVAH, I talked to her and told her about Mr. Cute Guy.

Char: Uyy, parang cute yun. (I think that guy looks cute.)

Cass: Sino? (Who?)
 Char: Yung naka-black. (The one in black.)
 Cass: Aah yun. Friend ko yan. Papakilala kita mamaya. (Oh him? He’s my friend. I’ll introduce him to you later.)
 Ah, of course. Miss Congeniality. She knows almost everyone here.

Char: Hindi, hindi. Okay lang. (No, no it’s okay.)

Even in my totally unencumbered state, meaning Ms Haven’t Dated Anyone For Long, I felt there’s something wrong with the idea. But of course…………..

Cass: Hindi, hindi. Okay lang yan. (No, it will just be fine.)

She seems to be so thrilled with the idea, you just simply can’t say no.

During the water break, where I noticed her walk out of the room to refill her bottle, I walked to where my towel is, wiped my face and quickly resumed my position. And just when another unknown track is about to begin, I turned around to see Cassie talking to Mr. Guy in Black. She motions me to come over and I obeyed which is when I noticed 2 things.

(1) Dear Char. You quickly have to see an ophthalmologist. What was I thinking? Okay, the guy’s looks just fine alright but he’s certainly not the one who will meet my cute quotient. No offense.

(2) With my blue trainers on, I am taller than this guy. Nope, he’s definitely not my type. It maybe just him in that black singlet. I want to declare I’m not a body person, it just so happened that I do appreciate a good one. :P
 The introduction went on just fine and the guy Adrian seems to be really nice. He asked some questions how was the exercise going, we both whined a bit and after some time went back inside the class. Of course I only tell about observation #2 to my best friend, gingerly, just so she’ll stop any “brilliant” idea of us dating as though playing the role of Cupid. But I thought wrong.

Later that night, about 3 hours after the work-out class, I have just gone home, showered and was just checking some personal emails online when Cassie started chatting me up. As if our time in the gym wasn’t enough, she excitedly talks about some plans on the weekend. And then very gradually the topic shifts to,

Cass: Uyy wg k maingay ha? (Don’t tell anyone about this.)

Why do I have this feeling it’s about the scene earlier?

Char: C Adrian. My gs2 sakin un. (That Adrian guy likes me.)

Bingo. For a moment there, I feel a bit embarrassed. Regardless if I truly like the guy or not, this is Cassie we are talking about, probably the prettiest girl in the gym. Of course it doesn’t seem right to bring such a topic about guys within her territory (the gym), coz as expected, about 90% of the guys in here fancy her. Not that I would want to compete for a guy’s attention (oh, purlease……..) but I just felt relegated for confessing that I initially “liked” A. Anyways, I dismissed the thought by thinking that I countered when I said when he didn’t meet my height qualifications. :P

She then tells me how they already went out once (and immediately justifying that it was just a friendly one). Even in the inflectionless chatting, I took note of the little “kilig” factor when she described him as “cute”. Ooohhh-kaaaaaayy. Just like a camera, my memory snaps into focus how animatedly she talked to him in the gym a while ago. There must be something. And before she ended the conversation, she once again asked me that I don’t tell this to JB.

JB. The fiancé. Who’s currently in the province in the south for a business trip. I told her that I wouldn’t. Of course, as her best friend, I shouldn’t.

Yaaayy!! How’d you like a scene in the “novel” I’m working on?? NOVEL! Wow, such an ambitious term! Taas ng level hindi ko kinaya, hahaha!!!

I’ll be the first to admit that it needs a lot polishing. It just so happened that I found a few time last Sunday (in the wee hours of the morning due to a mild fit of insomnia) to finally start on it and expect for it to be completed YEARS later. Hahaha! And please don’t be harsh on the comments as this is not really my “field”.

 But here’s to hoping I’ll be disciplined and feel inspired enough to devote some time to work on it. Coz being an engineer is not the only thing I wanna accomplish in my lifetime. :P Cheers! :)

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