Thursday, July 15, 2010

SG Preps

Two more sleeps!!! Dalawang tulog na lang!  Hahaha! :))  And there will be another vacation!  Yeeha!  But hopefully this time, no hiccups at work.  Pur-lease!!!  *crossing fingers* As always, I'm bringing with me my S.O. (aka my company laptop :-{) just to make sure that I'll still be on top of everything.  Yay!

Wow, can you remember the last time I was there??  That was some good 7 months ago!  I certainly missed the country.  When I mentioned about the plan to my SG colleagues who visited here about 3 weeks ago during that "challenging" times of last month, all 3 of them gave me this exasperated look that says "Pur-lease, Singapore?????"  LOL!

Anyway, the SG wardrobe this time would have to be, well what to expect?? FLORAL!!  Hahaha!!

Look at it, it's so nice piling them up altogether.  Haha!  I think it's not wrong that I've just amassed this pattern from the entire midyear sale ongoing since just like any other trend, this print is timeless??  I mean, it doesn't really pick any season.  Right??  There goes me again, justifying.  LOL!

And as for the accessorizing, there's one dominant color,

FENK!  Yaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!  Baklang-bakla!!  Hahaha!!!  I'm obsessing over this color recently, I think the floral trend has something to do with it.  XD  The shoulder quilted bag I got it from Mongkok earlier this January but haven't had got any chance to be debuted in this blog.  Reminds you of some bag from CMG??  Haha!  That one's waaaaaayyy cheaper! :P  The floral purse was from Bugis in SG.  The pink Swatch (still being paid monthly, wahaha!!!) and some expensive Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish. :P  And oh yeah, pink lipstick!!! :-*

So, speaking of gay, I uhmm messed up with did something to my hair.  Yay!!  She's second.  The second girl to influence me on my haircut.  Local lang tayo ha?

Mariel Rodriguez.  You know who was first??  Haha!  The last time I did it was January of 2007.  It was when the one and only Dyosa Anne Curtis sported that full bangs for the soap Maging Sino Ka Man!  Yaaaayyy!! I just checked earlier the photo I posted in this blog and I don't wanna hyperlink it.  Hahaha!!! :))

Crazy right?  I was pondering on the pros and cons of this look and of course the CONs outweighed the former but I'm sooooooooo stubborn.  Hahaha!! 


(1) Takes effort to primp it up everyday.
(2) Might be cause for pimples.
(3)  Will definitely be annoyed to myself when it grows after some months.  Then will tell myself, "I told you so."
(4) It wouldn't be the same as theirs, it will part in the middle and turn sideways. :(

(1)  Will perfect your SG wardrobe. (Note to self: something temporary only.  Might be taken again for a real Singaporean this weekend, prepare your pidgin Mandarin, haha!)
(2)  Time for a change.

There.  Regarding second pro, okayyyyy I remember announcing here that some drastic changes will have to be done in my hair once there's some change of status involved.  Haha, there's no such thing happening.  I just remembered what Ate Lisa told me while I was in KL to try new things while you're still young.  Me?  Young?  Hahaha!!  OMG, my KL travelogue hasn't begun yet.  Yay!  Tsk!

Anyway, I just wanna prove to myself that I'm pretty pleasant enough to carry that look.  My brother's teasing me (haha!) but I look fine.  Just fine.  Haha!  So here's a preview.  (Twitter followers get the initial look, so follow me.  *wink, wink*  Haha!)

 See you again in SG! XOXO

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