Friday, July 09, 2010

Worst Race So Far

Hands down, it was the most disorganized race I've ever joined.  I should have known better.  From the way I winced hearing those emcees speak in wrong grammar (uugh!!), to the clogging of runners in the finish line (which took us more than 10 mins to queue up btw) and now - the unavailability of results!  It's been 12 days already.  12 EFFIN' DAYS!! 2 days shy of 2 weeks!!!  What kind of event is that???  Seriously!!  Another marathon was held the next Sunday and the results were published the day after.  Aaargh!!

My policy when it comes to reading online journals is that if you don't have something nice to say then you just better shut up.  Or better yet, blog about your opinion in your own site.  But this case is different, I'm not the only one who's soooooo disappointed.  But I wasn't taking it too harshly c'mon guys, haha!!  I registered to and left a note stating that the result is taking time to get published then asking what kind of marathon is that?  There.  So much equivalent to my furious first paragraph noh?  Hahaha!  Howell, I've never been the confrontational type. :P

My friend (whom we'll call by the name of Philip, lol!) invited us about a month before the race saying the singlet is nice, there's lotsa freebies and the registration is quite cheap since we're doing it in a package with his regular runner friends.  Looking at the singlet a while ago, I wonder "What's sooo nice in here??"  I don't want it anymore. XD

I invited my Makati girls to join me: Aryan & Liz. But the latter was advised by the doctor that the marathon will not be good for her recovery from her ovarian cyst extraction last March. :(

So it's just me & Aryan.    For now.  Hopefully Liz & Joy could join in the next marathons:

clogging at the finish line

I believe i asked for this, the haggard-o versoza pictures post race. Lol! 

I think part of the reason why I was soo disappointed here is because I have my girly pink Swatch just so I could just have an initial estimate of my time but I totally forgot to use it when the race started.  Haha!  Well what with the catching up with Aryan and everything. :))

I was wearing two singlets since I was sooooo busy weeks before the race, or if you were informed in my previous post, weeks after the KL trip that I didn't have time to meet Philip and get the singlet.  I arrived in MOA (it was my first time also to run here) wearing my Century singlet and since it was late, I just layered it off.  And basing from the picture, singlet layering doesn't look good on me.  Haha!  The opposite can be said about Aryan. :P

Then after, I had my "always missed" kind of breakfast.  Yum, yum sausage mcmuffin, and add some pancakes too!  Hahaha!!!

Then went for a much-needed spa @ Wensha right after. 

And before I end this, I'd like to debut my new running partners  trainers, naks!  Haha!  Woohoo, so girly!  :))

I know I'll just feel sorry for it if I abuse it during a run so it will just be used for dancing for now. HA! :P

Funny that after doing this post, I learned that I shouldn't refer to it events like this as marathon.  Coz as per definition, a marathon is a long-distance footrace with an official distance of 42.195K.  5K is not even half of it!!  Haha!! XD

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