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BKK Travelogue Day2c: Chatuchak, I DIE!! :))

Twas still early when I reached Mo Chit, about 20 mins ahead of me and my companion Nam’s agreed time which is 3 PM. And from the last posts, when there’s some idle time, you know what I do right?? =)) I went up the train station just so I can check if I can have a picture with the sign Mo Chit which is a very slim chance considering the fact that it is already the last station.

Luckily, there was some guy, security personnel, who is taking some pictures of the signage for which purpose I just really can’t tell. And so I boldly spoke up and asked him to take a picture for me, wahaha!! And the thing with that favor is, it just didn’t end with a simple word of gratitude. After getting my camera, the old man asked that he take a photo of me from his cam and of course I cannot refuse it. Yaaaayyy!! Oh dear, I hope he doesn’t use it in any other illegal way. Ssshhheeesh!

I noticed that there is quite a commotion somewhere along the park when you go down Mo Chit. This is the scene:

Army troops being assembled. When I finally met Nam he said that the multi-colored shirt protesters will be holding a demonstration later. Yaaaaaaaayyy!!! And so the BTS station will be closed before 7 PM perhaps to prevent more people from coming to the place.

There’s only one thing to do, hurry up to shop. I’ve got more or less 3 hours left if I wanna get out of this place alive. Hahaha!! I quickly searched for some money changers to exchange USDs. Err yes, I already exchanged some yesterday in the airport, lol! So the first thing I bought in Chatuchak was:

The headbow. Waiting for Nam in Mo Chit isn’t really a bad thing because I get to observe the ladies swarming to Chatuchak market!! Fashionable ladies! :)) And as I’ve said in my BKK Trend Report post, most of them are sporting the headbow! Hihi. What a way for me to blend in. :P

The trend is not so new to me coz I already saw a fashion blogger from L.A. post about it sometime November. I just didn’t realize that it would be a “hit” in BKK as per my observation for most of the girls. Even the Thai MTV host when I was watching was sporting it. **

Actually, that shop isn’t the first one I’ve been to. I just noticed that everytime I would come some stores, all the people would talk to me in the local language. Nobody would speak to me in English. Okay, let’s take into consideration the fact that local Thais may not be that honed in the international language, but still of course simple hellos or his is not so hard to utter. My point is, I look like a local as mentioned by most of the people I met. Period. LOL! I still find it hard to believe, maybe if I am in SG or MY, I can accept it but Thais look different to me. Or maybe because I was too tanned then, I dunno. Whatever, the headbow is just the perfect touch to complete the look.

Oh yeah, that print of a headbow didn’t end in there. After few more stalls, I found this. Hahaha!! Leopard print is still ON!! :P :P :P

Sorry but the reason why I like it so much is because it has wire underneath the cloth, so you can shape it into whichever you want. It kind of reminded me of the one I use when I was in Grade 5, I used it whenever I tie my hair into a knot! The only difference is that it has an opening in the middle where you shoot your hair, not to sure if some of you recalls it. :-

One of the things I observe in Thailand is their love for colors. I just simply love these paintings I was soo tempted to buy one and bring home. Too cute for words.

But then Nam raised the point on how will I be able to place it in my luggage. Yes, very good point, lol! Nam is not stranger to how I pack whenever I come to SG. Haha! And at this point I’d like to give mad props to him for accompanying me - soooo good friend and co-worker. I actually forgot to ask him to bring his fiancée along; I learned that they usually go out on Saturdays (yay!!). He never ever asked me to carry any of the shopping bags (even if they’re too many already, haha!!), he brought me some drinks and introduced some local food and of course helped me haggle with the sellers. Oh and took me some pictures also!!! In other words, I abused him that day. Haha!! There was even one time when I saw a dress but hesitated on it at first only to go back for it after 10 mins wherein we had to inch our way through the mob but I didn’t see him complain (although of course I apologized for it, haha!!) I hope I could return the favor if he comes to travel to PH one day. =) So speaking of some food I tried by the Chatuchak:

Left one is sort of Popsicle in flavors pepsi or orange, haha! And the other is pic with the guy selling Milk Tea. I love milk tea! Look at how he mixes the drink. I just asked him to do it and I’ll take a picture but he insisted I join him. Blech! :P

So my Chatuchak conclusion is yes it is a fashionista’s haven. Haha!! And that our local Divisoria or 168 had nothing, absolutely nothing, in it. The items are sooooo cheap! Shame, they only open during weekends. I wonder how the storeowners profit on a weekly sale basis. It’s no wonder why around 530 PM, there were some other vendors along the walkway will roll out some cloth then start displaying their items. You will notice it in pic below.

Somehow I’m part grateful that I still look fresh in that picture. You can’t just imagine how I was sweating profusely even in that dress that Saturday. Haha!! Nam’s shirt at the back is wet too. During that time, the rally is already being held near the market as I see from some people walking with the Thai flags in their hands. But from what I observed, NO HEAT NOR RALLIES would stop the Thais from coming to Chatuchak!! Haha!! The crowd even got thicker at night when more and more stores were being set up for the night market. I actually let go of the BTS to favor a cab on my way home just to check and round up some more. Haha! But I also had to consider my companion, so by 7 PM I decided to declare it’s ENOUGH! LOL!

I thought of inviting Nam to take me to a Thai cuisine (my treat) but decided against it. I already used up so much of his time through shopping, yay!! Haha!! I believe he had a shock right there considering his fiancée is not that much into the said retail therapy, lol! He waited for me to get a cab and even took a picture of the driver’s ID through his phone just to be assured on my safety. Aww, so sweet. I took a shot inside the cab and I am a picture of oiliness, haggardness and everything in between. Haha!

The fare in the meter amounted to 90 Baht by the time I reached the hostel. 100 Baht cheaper than the taxi and BTS combined I took going to the place. So much for experiencing the PINK and the BTS, EH??? Hahaha!!!

**Update: I believe I once saw Mariel don the headdress in one episode of PBB-Űber.

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