Saturday, May 29, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day2b: BTS

Freedom! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Hahaha!!

Really, if my mom sees me going out in this, I’ll get this “Kristinaa Caassaaaandraaa, go back to your room and change!!!” HAHAHA!!!

Just kidding. Not that my mom will speak to me in English nor my real name is Kristina Cassandra for that matter. Screen name lang, wahaha!! But really, isn’t it cute when your ‘rents use your full name whenever they mad or something?? Like I mean, what’s the purpose of having two names right? And this is precisely the reason why I like pissing them off especially with my clothing. Hahaha!!! Just kidding again. ;-) **

It is an absolute given I can never ever go out in the Phils dressed scantily in this but I’ll take this opportunity given the very hot weather. Of course this is more weather-appropriate for the last city I embarked from but then of course I don’t wanna be a victim of rape. LOL! I remember a friend asking whether “Is it all eyes on you?” when I was in Noida and I was defending the city very much saying how the people are civilized and everything then had to eat my word during the last day when we finally did a tour in the company’s factory and has been the recipient of these gawks from the factory workers. Crazy!!

Anyways, I’m out in the main road now and I have to take a taxi going to the MTR. I was hoping I could finally get inside a pink one (what’s the difference? Nothing. LOL!) but unfortunately a green one first came by. With the receptionist’s handwriting of Ratchatewi station written in Thai, I showed the paper to the driver but then he refused me. Oh, no!!

As far as everybody’s advice, only Siam is the place to avoid because of the rally but looking at my map it’s actually quite near to the said station. A pink taxi came next and I flagged it down, showed my destination and let me in. YES! PINK TAXI!! Yes, that’s how shallow I am. Hahaha!! But my happiness was short lived when the driver charged me with a fixed rate of 150 Baht. =( No difference in the Phils, huh?? I’m getting close to the conclusion that Taxi drivers are my number one enemies not only in the Philippines but also in the world! Hmpf!! [-(

In a few minutes, I’m already taking the escalator up Ratchatewi station. Weeee, exciting!! I’m braving the MTR alone! Hahaha!! Well it’s not like SG’s MTR with its complicated routes and everything but hopefully I won’t avoid any booboos in here.

Now there’s an automated counter with buttons and everything and there’s a man-operated counter. Uhmm, just to be safe I queued in the one with personnel inside, mentioned my station (because of course that’s all I need to say, they might not understand me in English :P) and changed my 50 Baht. Not counting my change, I waited for the girl to give me my ticket and when it’s been a while and I asked for it she pointed me to the automated counter.

I checked my money to see that she just broke down my 50 Baht so I could have 2 twenties to use exactly for the automated counter. Ssshhheeeesh KC, schooopid!! Hahaha!! But it’s pretty much understandable right?? Hahaha!! And to avoid any further embarrassment I just wished that the machine wouldn’t eat up the money or something and that everything goes well when I get my ticket. Haha!! Thankfully it did! :P

Okay, I’ve been observing everybody. The train’s not divided into girls and boys as opposed to the set-up in PH. I finally got inside and weird that I don’t receive these “looks” from everybody. I mean, not that I want them to but honestly, just try to go out dressed like this in PH and try to commute, see if you wouldn’t get any innuendos, small talks, whistles and winks (my god, WINKS are still being used these days I thought it’s sooooo ages ago!!) or what nots. Just try and see if it wouldn’t ruin your day!!! Haha!!

But it’s clear from everybody’s reaction that they just don’t give two hoots! I likey! It’s like my Filipina friend Lai who grew up in HK explained to me when I first visited it how people just don’t care whatever you wear (for example, wearing shorts even if you have a slight bruise or not so good legs or something unless of course you’re dressed up bizarrely ala Lady Gaga then you’ll definitely draw attention, haha!!). I wish us Filipinos could drop such nitpicky attitude and just let everybody be. Just saying. I’m not sure if it can be attributed to other countries more liberal take when it comes to dressing or should I just wish for less Filipino maniacs or something. Wahaha!!! =))

After 7 stops, I finally reached Mo Chit. It’s the last station for the North line of Thai’s BTS. Yes, I’m here. Have often heard and read about it and I finally made it!! Ladies, prepare yourselves for the next post coz I’ll be talking about it. Let’s all have a moment of silence please when I say that I’ve reached:


WAHAHAHA!!!! =))

**Of course, regular readers of this blog are no stranger that I post pics wherein I wear erm “tiny” dresses but yes they’re all subject to heavy cover-ups or worst different outfit prior to leaving the house. Sneaky! LOL!

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