Thursday, May 27, 2010

BKK Travelogue Day2a: Rain, Rain, Go Away!!!

Good morning KC!! Rise & shine, it’s a brand new day!!!! =)

In Bangkok! ;-) I briefly remembered our discussion over Great Kebab in India last Monday night with our boss how his friends once asked him if it already happened to him that one morning he wakes up and he can’t remember where he is. For everybody’s info, my boss is a frequent flyer, travels almost every week with 3 countries the most. XD Oh dear, I so badly envy his passport stamps! Haha!!

It’s about 830 AM and for a country with such a humid weather, I wondered why it’s not that bright outside. I parted the curtains only to find out that – it’s raining!!!!! And it’s not showing any signs of abating – which only meant one thing. My morning schedule of visiting the Golden Palace is cancelled. I remembered my tuktuk driver and I hope he won’t expect me already at 10AM in our agreed meeting place. Now, with about 6 hrs left for my main itinerary for the day, Chatuchak market, I have plenty of time to do the sundance. LOLs!

With my tummy growling, which is understandable considering I only had noodles last night, I went down excited much to know what the hostel’s breakfast has got to offer. And it didn’t disappoint. I had two choices – Asian or Western and I picked the latter. As what you’ve seen from the last post, I had sunny side ups, bacons, green leaf salad, fruit salad and refillable pastries. Yum! Rest assured this would already last me ‘til lunch.

A friendly conversation with the receptionist revealed that this is their first downpour for April! Whoa! And sometimes a shower like that is a pleasant respite for such a very hot weather noh? It just had me thinking, first there was this ice hail in Noida with slight drizzle last Tuesday – very strange also in their arid and then now this heavy shower in BKK – it seems like I bring rain wherever I go! Haha! Well yes I love the rain but really, I wish it would stop coz I don’t have ample time anymore to move the main agenda tomorrow. =(

And besides, I didn’t go to Bangkok just so I’ll lock up myself in my room. Even if I’m enjoying so much the songs in MTV, which again led me to conclude – this hostel is über-cool. I’m always rooting for this channel in the corporate hotels booked by the company but they don’t offer this – mostly news and sports. X_X And there I was immensely enjoying belting out to Justin Bieber’s Baby past caring if I’ll be heard in the next room, haha! There were also some cool Thai girllband songs in their play list. And should I get bored, they have DVDs where you can borrow in the receptionist’s area below that could suit you for situations like this! Perfect!

‘Twas already around 11 AM when the rain abated. I got a call from Nam from the receptionist’s phone that we’re still on with the plan later. He’ll accompany me to Chatuchak. He advised me to wear some comfortable clothes since it’s not your typical air-conditioned mall. Well, at that time I was just trying on the floral jumpsuit I bought last night in Khao San Road. And it just hit me, hey it’s comfortable enough??? What if???????? What if I wear this later??? Yaaaayyyy!!!

And with much jangling of bracelets I also bought last night which seem to match the dress, it’s decided! Haha!! Gosh, I was really excited to use my recently shopped items. =P With plenty of time left for the meeting, again, what’s a girl gonna do??? TAKE PICS!!! Hahaha!!

(blue set is mine, the orange one's for Anj ;)

Before I went up my room, I again verified from the receptionist the directions on how to get to the place. They provided me a map and I was excited much to take on the new mode of transportation. If yesterday I toured in a tuktuk, today I’m braving the MTR!! Yihee!! Haha! It’s up next. ;-)

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