Thursday, June 03, 2010

Makati Girls Take On SATC2

Success!!! Ever since I heard there's a part 2 in the works, I never stopped wishing that I'd see it in big screen with my girls! Haha! Fyi, I watched Part 1 in DVD only. What a loser huh considering I completed its 7 seasons and that I'm a self-confessed Carrie-wannabe!!! LOLs! But from what I learned, all it takes is just a little planning and a little bribing (e.g gurls, I have your gifts from India & BKK, lol!!). Haha!

Due to some recent "falling apart" with a friend, there had to be some changes in the set-up. But this group shall be known as my Makati girls, hahaha!! So that Wednesday, I had to somehow pretend that I'm a Makati girl too. Thank goodness on my job set-up, I was able to work in Joy's new office at RSC tower. Not only that, I got to be treated to a lovely lunch @ Claudette's along Valero St. courtesy of our former sales manager Sir Mark. ;)

As early as Monday I was already making reservations for us four but then to my disappointment, I'm still quite late as only Glorietta 4 had the best timing that could suit our skeds. So, the RSC girls (me & Joy) went ahead to purchase the ticket and the PBCOM girls (Aryan & Liz) arrived 10 mins before the schedule. It's Joy's first time to meet Misses PBCOM. Haha! It didn't matter that we're not friends for ages like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha & Charlotte. All that matters is that these are my REAL 'to-the-grave' mates so to speak. Of course, it would be much fun if there's a Stanford (aka Mike) presence, but too bad he's not available. :(

Fashion is indeed universal in this film. LOL!! But I wouldn't go for heels in the dessert. :P Just saying. I loved one shoe in particular, the one Carrie wore while out shopping with Samantha. ;) But to truly enjoy this film, I recommend you watch it with with your own set of girls, haha! After all, this is about FRIENDSHIPS, having FUN and being FABULOUS!! :D
Now if I could just add, us girls soooooo love to give meaning to things noh?? Deconstructing words, overly analyzing events or happenings...haha!! Meeting your ex-boyfriend halfway around the world like how Carrie met Aedan in Abu Dhabi. Gosh! But then atleast somehow it taught that sometimes, there REALLY is just no meaning. AT ALL!!!
Funny how that same day, like before Joy & I leave the office, I ran into a certain guy. Oooookay, he's not actually the one that got away like Aedan or something, sheeesh people, he was just my high school crush - our valedictorian to be exact. :P And again if I might just add, why is it that everytime I'm in Makati (which is just once in a blue moon), I always bump into someone I know. Wala lang, haha!
He didn't recognize me at all, yes people I look like a loser back then. Those were the horrible days, haha!! And that Wednesday afternoon in my black suit, blue rosette necklace and matching blue pumps - he mistook me for an interviewee. LOLs! And here's the ridiculous part, after we exchanged our how are yous I blurted out the question, "Nag-asawa ka na?" Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!! Hahaha!! Shheeeeesh, it was just an out of the blue question I don't know why. And in retrospect, I don't think it sounded good noh?? It's like saying, a t-shirt that says "I'm single and available" was waaayyy more subtle!! Hahaha!! Geese, whatever was going on in my mind then??? =))
And another thing, after the movie, only the original kaladkarins (haha!) me & Ariane were available for grabbing some drinks. So we stopped by Bo's coffee in Glorietta5 to touch base. Until around 11PM, I received an int'l text from a "special someone" initiating a convo thru chat. And oookkkaay, I swear he never does this thing whenever he's abroad, so it's like a major FEAT in the relationship. Inasmuch as I was tempted to call a cab home, go online and talk to him, sanity got the better of me and I just had to recall and take a leaf out of Samantha's life in the movie wherein he was approached by this smoldering architect during a girl's night-out in Abu Dhabi. Just like what she did, girlfriends will always be prioritized over MEN. I think that's just right. :P
Anyways, the only part I feel was not a success was the picture part. :P But here's us prior to the movie. :)

And my next post shall "probably" be in MY. I'm off, gurls! :)


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