Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lolita! ;)

Curly hair? Check.
Pink lipstick? Check.
Floral dress? Check.

Then you're definitely a Lolita! Haha! :))

I can't pinpoint where the pink obsession (particularly lipstick!!) lately is coming from. Maybe I was just being a Lolita! Haha!

Lolita met her friends last Thursday @ Makati and had some Mexican food @ Baja, GB3. :)

And because Liz made her post about this short & sweet, I'll elaborate a bit by saying that this meeting all started from a simple ---- facebook status update! Haha! And the usual trio was joined by another lola, Aryan! :) 'Twas her first initiation to Red Mango fro-yo too! ;) And yihee, someone's interested in her. Couz Wil. Yiheee!! Hahaha!!

Mike wasn't really feeling my hair especially when he said "may graduation?" when I arrived. Grrr!! Haha! But 's okay, I respect my friend's opinion just like how Anj said she's not feeling the dress too! :P Well atleast, they're being honest. I don't like plastic friends. Nor backstabbers for that matter.

And after going out with her twice now (minus the Sagada part), by now I'm sure Aryan already understands my passion for dressing up. It was never my intention to intimidate, not at all. I'm just being me. :) Welcome to the group girl. ;)

And to showcase another floral...........

Got it on sale at Topshop. Dress above was on sale at DP too! ;)

And since we're talking about Lolita, I'd like to share this song of the same title. We dance to this in one of the Body Jam sets. Sung by Prince and I can't find it in Youtube, but for sure you'll like the beat! =) Ayayay Papi! Watch out for that part, haha! :)

Prince - Lolita .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

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steve said...

youll luv this loli video