Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lem for STI

You know me guys, I like leaving you guys a bit hanging, take for example my pending BKK travelogue. Haha! But this has been aired for a while now, I'd just like to share my brother's new endorsement - STI. :P

Oh why it's June - time for enrollment already??? ;)

Unlike his Master Eskinol one-time and unrecognizable billboard, I like that this endorsement had given him more exposures - err, namely on buses and waiting sheds. :))

There. Just sharing. I really like the face of that girl that plays the nursing student. Sooo pretty. :)
I'll resume writing my travelogue next week, it's just so hard to think when some negative things are happening around you right?? But still I'm thankful this week was punctuated in a sort-of-happy way. :) I don't think I'll ever blog about the whole saga in one sitting. Though I feel like I won't be able to resist giving you some hints bit by bit in my future posts. I'll just probably write a book about it and when I do, I'll make sure it gets published! Haha! Hope your weekend plan all goes well. ;)
Can't hold us down! \m/

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