Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Bataan, Bataan

It may not be your whitest beach, but hey whatever’s available right?? Boy was I thankful my uncle in Bataan had something planned for the vacation and the invitation was extended to us here in Manila. :) Following are the highlights of my quick getaway in Bataan:

1. Spending time with family & relatives. In the family, Lem & Papa were the only ones absent. Lem was in Bora, boo!! Inggit XD Haha! But surely, he wasn’t missed that much, of course he’s still the talk among my cousins almost everybody wishing he could come. Especially when you see the sachet of coffee packed for the trip has him in it! LOLs!
Another thing of course was spending the holidays with the craziest and wackiest cousins in my mother side. Haha! I missed hanging out with them. Got to see their little sons and daughters, aargh!! I’ve lots of nieces and nephews na pala! :P

2. Cowboy living. Eating with bare hands, sleeping in a tent, bonfire at night, etc. Some few refreshing changes for me. In fairness to my uncle’s family, they really came prepared with everything – industrial fans, bright lights for night swimming and the most important of all – the KTV! Haha!!

There was just a minor glitch during the first day wherein the TV won’t function due to lack of power extensions. You can use the karaoke provided you know the lyrics – which of course, always work to my advantage!! Hahaha!! But my reigning over the microphone was short-lived as one car went back to get some more stuffs until finally there are a lot of competitors already in the microphone. I tell you, singing, err I mean mic hogging runs in the blood!! Hahaha!!!

3. Swimming with the jellyfish. Yay! We rented a boat to get to the cave and on the way you can already see a lot of these creatures – a sure sign that snorkeling won’t be fun! But surprisingly when we’re about to reach the cave, my uncle went down and tried getting as many as possible. It wasn’t that harmful so I tried getting holding one to observe closely. Haha!!! Miss Curiosity strikes again! Hahaha!!! It’s really fun observing animals in the provinces; you don’t get a chance to do that in the city where children would rather play on their gadgets or watch TV. LOLs!

If you saw my jumping video in the last post, on the way to the cliff I had to swim with them, which is so eeew-y! Haha!! It’s just kind of uncomfortable I can’t help but squirm and scream whenever something would touch me. Also, it took time for me to jump because I had to clear the water so as not to make any encounters with them. But actually, there’s about 50 of them lurking about when I jumped. Yaaaaaaayy!!!

4. Brush up on your Tagalog man! Haha! I’m not sure but they call goggles – antipara! Cool! Haha!! So, I just realized that I really need an antipara in my next beach trips! I borrowed one when I dove in the cave and holy moly, I freaked out when I saw how many jellyfish were surrounding me! I remembered that scene in Finding Nemo between Dory and Marlin. Scary! Also, they call those jellyfish – “salabay”. Haha! And just additional information, I learned months ago that the tagalog word for dolphin is “lampasot”. Nice trivia, huh?? Haha!!

Actually I’m not quite sure but I just observed that these salabay kind of “melt” when they are not in the water. This is because a lot of swimmers were throwing them out of the water and I observe them sludge off under the sun?????? And also, they’re supposed to sting right?? Whatev, I don’t have time to read Wikipedia. Haha!!

I think my uncle's celebrating their wedding anniversary at the end of the month, right after my New Delhi-Bangkok trip. :P So excited to return. :)

How'd ya like my floppy hat I got from H&M in HK? ;)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE H&M, but I'm not a fan of the hat..

Sorry Deng, but I honestly thought you went to a funeral when I saw your profile pic on fb..
That and you've been leaving some wierd ass status updates lately.. lol


Anonymous said...

really? oh well, i love it! :P

maybe it's just the whole black thing!

and the status updates are not for me! but atleast everybody can relate to it! haha!!!