Friday, April 09, 2010

Accessorizing ;)

1. Tory Burch Handcuffs!
Finally! Something that I can afford out of all the displays in that shop! Hahaha!!! The prices of shoes and bags there are how can I call it, "hindi makatarungan". LOLs! But I really fell in love with the cuffs! I've been using it almost everyday! :)

2. My "Championship" Belt from DP

LOLs! Tis one's not so new really but I haven't made a debut yet of it here in this blog, haha!! There must be something about big belts coz I find myself having a lot of them. :P There was even a time in Intel before when technicians from the factory would tease me, "O nasan na yung wrestling champion belt mo?" Silly guys! Hahaha!! No, maybe because I just love the shape it brings considering my not-so-blessed waist. Hehe. So here's a collage of how I wore the cincher.
It's been a while since you saw me posting mirror shots noh? Hahaha!!

3. My Skinny Leopard Belt from F&H

Hihihi. I really really like it! I'm not much into skinny belts but when I saw the leopard, I just have to have it! :P

And judging from below pictures, you can tell that there are really times when I heavily accessorize on my leopard items! Hahaha!!

And oooh, check this one out. I got these for free @ Aldo, they were having a promo or something. ;) I'm not that much into it but it will good for my collection. :) I already wore that in my all black combo above, haha! I've no plans taking picture actually but what to do if your date's late?? Hmpf! >_<

I thought I was only getting drawn to huge bib necklaces, turns out I am liking statement rings too! Yay!! Waaaaaaahh!! Hahaha!!

Animal rings are just too cute, specially Mr. Owl in upper left pic. ;) The colorful ring is just too flowery I can't resist it and hmmm I just wonder if I can fool others if I wore the studded one on the ring finger?? Haha!! I don't know why I am thinking that way, is it maybe because as B's song goes, nobody wants to put a ring on it?? Hahaha!! Talking 'bout desperate with a capital D! :P

2 weeks left before I leave and I have no plans shopping for the business trip. But for the side trip after, of course there should be something to wear. I found a really nice dress to wear since I'm meeting someone there. *wink* Here's a preview of the dress, it's FLORAL LOVE! :-*

It's a holiday today! XOXO


Nivek said...

Nice dress. Colorful.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kev! :)