Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Recent Videos

#1 The Practice #@ Savannah Moon. :P

Hear it guys, this is just the practice! Haha! And it's just a 5-min video since my free trial converter only allows for that much. :( Don't worry you're not missing that much since total time is about 7-min. And I'm very sure, you won't bother watching it until the very end. Haha!!

So for this, I changed into my flip-flops since my gladiator shoes aren't made for dancing. LOL! And, actual performance is in gym clothes. This is because the performance is meant to showcase Doc Greg's daily activities - Retro class in the gym for this one. I'm not sure if you can relate to the songs but I sure love dancing to oldies. ;) We were able to squeeze in Brit Brit's Womanizer before this video finally ended but the last song is Ai No Corrida - another one of my faves!

#2 KC Jumps Off the Cliff

'Tis one is from my recent Bataan adventure, haha! My first time to do jumping off a cliff where I fell flat on my buttocks - OUCH! LOL! I shall discuss about it the whole thing in my next post. ;)

P.S. How much I missed the beach? You can tell if you see me now, I'm TOASTED. SUPER!! LOLs!!


Anonymous said...

nice nice! that was a gym class? lol.. haven't caught your blog in a while cause you always update it on facebook..



Anonymous said...

yeah thats what we do in the gym! haha!!

its okay, but this one i deleted in fb because the video file isn't showing up! :P

what's so magaling in there?? haha!! those are just simple moves! :P hahaha!!


Anonymous said...

everyone was in sync lol.. plus i've never seen a gym class where people were dancing on business attire haha.