Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Black # 3 (if you still recall the first two from here): STOCKINGS!

For me, there's just something really addicting about designed hosiery! It makes me just want to buy every new style I see in the shops!

But then again, this is the 2010 KC with a new leaf about shopping. LOLs! Wil & Anj have heard this a lot of times but I'm really going to try harder this time in practicing self-control! (Oh-ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho! *cues in Self-control song by Laura Branigan!* LOLs!) And there went resolution #2.

The one above is from Warehouse and I got it last month. I still have the other blacks to showcase, yay! Obviously, I had to edit the photos so they won't look trashy. Haha! And I'm still using my digicam coz I surely don't know how to use the timer function of the DSLR. So Resolution #3 will have to be - enroll in photography class this year.

Yey, resolutions keep on adding! My peace of mind is slowly returning, I'm able to think things through...And right now I'm thinking I'm gonna regret what I said about Resolution #2 when my Macau flight on the 3rd week draws near. Just you wait and see...........HAHAHA!!


Nivek said...

Nice stockings. I really like patterned ones on girl too. I think they're kinda sexy. Oh well…

I hear that Lindsey Lohan is coming out with a line of patterned stockings this year.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kev! is it?? i think she came up with her line of leggings before..and now stockings???