Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Post Holiday Chow

And I thought the holidays are over!

Even with according to her, 6 lbs gain over the holidays, nothing would stop Cathy specially when she's craving for some Dimsum! Hence, another post-retro dinner @ Gloria Maris.

Am sooooo loovin' Oli's cam effects in photos below even if my arms look like "wow legs" in them. LOL! Next time I'm gonna turn up in yellow! Outstanding! Haha!

Doc Greg joined us too! He's also one of the Retro regulars. Again, Oli's not doing it. He'd appreciate it if I make it clear in this blog that he's not dancing to Retro. :P

I love their Taho! =)

I just realized one resolution for 2010 lately, to lose atleast 3 more lbs so my weight is something with 0 in it (wala lang, lol!). Who knows how much I've lost for the past year, I've absolutely no idea coz I don't keep track of it! :P Or maybe I did not (oh no please!). My mentality is just as long as I enjoy doing the exercises and my clothes fit nicely, I'm fine with it. LOL! But of course, I should've known as a technical person, there are numbers involved. CSI (critical success indicators) as we call it. So yeah must stick to it.

My resolutions might come up a bit late as I ended '09 in a very "confused" state. *sigh* But everything's slowly picking up. Take my work for example yesterday, I got a 9AM call in the morning for additional feature add-ons, some urgent queries (deadline the next day) and some customer "reports" to deal with. WOW! That was some "happy 1st working day" of 2010 to me!!!!! XD Haha!

And uhmm yeah more resolutions to come. Think, think, think!!

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