Monday, December 28, 2009


Vain na kung vain. But I hate it. Especially when I see my smiles in the photos. Haha! Isn’t that the shallowest thing you’ve ever heard in your life? LOL! So then you’ll be prompted to ask, why did I suddenly decide to have it in the first place? Well, if there’s this thing called TMI (too much info) then I have this TMA (too much arte) in me. Haha! In all fairness, to the untrained eye I believe I have some deceiving photos that show off a perfect set of teeth. And really, they’re really not that bad. But everyday inspection of myself in the mirror imagining I will turn up a Bugs Bunny someday and coupled up with a very persistent dentist equals a big indent in my savings plus brand new nicknames like Android and Robot. XD

Well, if there’s any positive feedback I heard from this thing is that Wil said I look young. LOL! Well, he has a point. After all, this is usually done during the high school or university years. Anj told me that some of her dentist’s patients prefer to have it for more than the required number of years (even with the teeth aligned already) because somehow it adds up to their appeal. Appeal really?? That was my exaggerated reaction when I first heard it. All I can think of is I’d gladly switch teeth with them in a heartbeat and they can have my braces all they want. Until I’ve proven for it myself during the first day of work upon installation when I get this extra attention from a waiter and some cute guys chatting me up. LOL! Is it really that effective?? Will this give me a boyfriend?? HAHAHA!!!

Tytana (who’s soooooo back from Oz but is currently in HK, LOL!) sent me this very funny international text message two weeks ago when I first showed it to her in webcam. (Fyi, I seldom do webcam I just showed to her my brand new bib necklace. :P) “Bakit ka nagpa-braces?? Uso ba yan??” Haha! It’s just so funny. This is because whenever she wants to know what’s currently “in”, my blog is one of the things she checks out. Anyway, she confessed that when she was a child that’s one of the things she wants to have – braces and specs. I think I had it in me too. I just can’t help feeling envious of grown-up girls with braces when I was young. Like it’s something that makes you really feel all GIRLY. I remember my mother once asked me if I wanna have one. But during that time, all I was focused about is getting good grades in school. I was definitely not vain back then. Haha!

Right after I had it, I practiced reading magazines out loud. I just wanna make sure that my pronunciation of things doesn’t become impaired just because of this thingy. Although for those of my friends who see it for the first time, I will put up a very funny way of greeting them and saying things that exposes the braces, which instantly send them into peals of laughter. Haha!! What I love the most in having here is how I suddenly have poise when it comes to eating. HAHAHA!!! Wow, I feel like some noble person whenever I use fork in eating bananas and other food instead of just wolfing them down. LOL! My dining etiquettes have just been reinforced. LOL!

Whenever I think of some things that I can’t eat now with this in me, I put up some happy thoughts that atleast my favorite cakes and ice creams are not forbidden. Nye nye nye nye nye. Hehehe. Back at home my older brother would every so often asked me to show him my complete set of teeth with braces (parang tanga lang, haha!) just the same thing I would do to my younger brother after his, on the other hand, got whitened due to resin lamination. WOW, it’s soooo bright I think I’m gonna have it also when this is removed. LOL! I tell him he now looks like a vampire to which he will hiss ala-Neytiri of Avatar. Haha!!

I remember friends threatening me on the pain that comes with these but really where is it?? Haha!! My first adjustment is yet on Wednesday so wish me all the best. LOL!

So there, I’ve just babbled on a very superficial topic, which so happened to be my braces. Hahaha!! I don’t have any resolution yet for 2010 so I think how about coming up with profound topics to blog for the next year?? Hahaha!!

Enjoy the holidays everyone, from me and mi bebe Betty below. =)


Nivek said...

I think that there is something je ne sais quoi that make girls in braces hot.

Anonymous said...

really??? hahaha!!! i look like a robot! :P