Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lunchdate with the Girls - Part 2! :)

Before the year ends, Us Girls decided to meet once more for a lunch date. Usual location: Boni Hi Street close to the Samsung girls' office. Chosen place: Clawdaddy!

'Twas past 1 already when Cathy & I both reached the place coz I had work issues that surfaced in the morning. Sigh, these problems sure have a gift in ruining "moments" of my life. Haha! Our late arrival only meant one thing - a suuppppeeeerrrr extended lunchbreak for the two. Haha!

It's my 2nd time here but I sure as hell haven't tried their crabs and lobsters. Yay! Haha! Instead we ordered salad, chicken, backribs and mashed potatoes. :D

My camera died just as Cathy arrived. But with 2 cams around, it's the usual. I think almost every attendant was asked to take a photo of us that it prompted someone from the next table to volunteer himself (obviously crushing on Joy :P). I knew he's going to ask for a picture from his cam but so sorry we had to turn him down! HAHAHA!! Time for some wacky pose! Wacky na yan for us, hahaha!!!

To Cat &Joy, I know you'll understand the special photos below. Haha!! You know naman when we're complete, Ate will always be the star of the day coz we never get to hang out with her on other times. :P

Ate & I both agreed to wear our Mango watch. Yihee!! Here's us showing off the item below. :P

Friendship watch daw. Hahaha!! So what about the teeth accessory, friendship braces din?? Hahaha!!!

But this, we definitely did not discuss. The almost identical ensemble for the day. Hahaha!! It was uncanny!!
And for the final group pic, here's us ala-Sex And The City girls! Hahaha!! Have you seen the trailer of the movie part 2?? It's in here.

I hope a movie date would be possible for us soon!! Heard that Anj?????? Find a way! Hahaha!

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