Wednesday, December 23, 2009

'09 Trips

In photos: Ű

Just some points:

1. Photos above are from Phuket, SG, RC Cruise, HK, Macau, Kota Kinabalu, Bora and Alaminos. ;)

2. First trip abroad with fam. The KK trip maybe for some was something a little bit short of expectations. I remember some officemates saying "What are you doing in the mountains?". But it was all worth it specially the stronger bond I now have with my mum and kuya. It really did us something good. :)

3. Whenever I announce in my FB status or any shout-out sites anything about my incoming trips, I really really hope they won't consider it as "bragging" on my part. As you can see, with all the boosting up tourisms and everything, traveling has now been made possible to everyone. It's not anymore limited for the rich people only . Think budget airlines (regular client, lol!) which can be made possible thru proper plannning and also there are the company-sponsored ones (me got lucky on this last year, haha!) There's just soooooo much out there in the world to see and experience that's why I'm always excited like a child whenever I have trips (be it local or int'l) so I can't resist telling everyone of my happy news. Haha!

4. So speaking of happy news, 2010 will see me in first of all: Macau in January. Aaah, I never imagine the day would come sooner! I promised to myself that I will be back here right? But to be organized by the company, wow I'm so so so so happy! =D Haha!! There's also India, KL, more SG, Indo & Taiwan (with dependencies) and hopefully (*crossing fingers really hard*) Guam and Europe! Weeeeeee!!!! :) :) :)


Nivek said...

What about Cali? You need to try coming here.

Anonymous said...

u in PH.. :P


Nivek said...

I wish. I think I'm going to try Rome or Finland with the family next year for my parent's 40th. Hope I can make it to Phils though.