Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Held @ Sizzling Pepper Steak, MOA! Shiela has been craving for this since our last meeting! Hindi tinantanan! Haha! Her hubby Mac is back from SG for a vacation and even with most of our college friends abroad we still try to continue this tradition of end-of-year gathering.

So here it is, the dish I wasn't able to try at SG last time, hehe. On my return I'll make sure to go to Bugis just to compare if they were really able to capture the taste. :P

their best-seller Beef Pepper Steak

I brought my DSLR just so I can ask Mac for pointers. Like I said he's using the same model. Now Randolph who just finished his photography classes, was asked to see how he'd learned so far. Haha! We said capture the bubbles of the kids playing and here's the outcome. He wasn't successful enough. LOL!

Yay, yay, yay! I just read this Top Ten from a blog of a radio station. Topic is about the Top 10 signs that you are a poser and one of the reader's response is about people who carry around top of the line DSLRs but upon close inspection will reveal a full automatic setting. Hahaha!! Am I guilty if I'm just a beginner??? XD

Besides, I don't go around bragging the thing. For all I know, it will just ruin my Aldo bib necklace. LOL! My outfit for the day has been worn a lot of times already but I didn't know I was channeling my current style icon Olivia Palermo in this:

After Mac's treat, we went to Razon's for some refreshments. My first time to try their famous Halo-Halo. Sarap! =)

We intend to discuss next year vacays here and we were not able to come up with anything. LOL! Thanks for the treat Mac and Xie! ;)

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