Friday, January 01, 2010

T is back! Ű

Tytana is here for a short vacation. We’re supposed to workout together but I didn’t make it up in the morning for the group exercises. LOL! Since Cathy (who’s excited to finally meet her) is also dropping by the gym and a quick hello from Oli (already informed about her beforehand) confirmed he’s in their business at Greenhills, I invited them all to meet her for lunch at Cibo Promenade.
Yey! They all jelled right away. Ű It's no wonder coz we all go to the same gym branch. And as usual, T and I have the loudest laughter in the whole restau. Haha!! Since Cathy decided to treat us at Cibo (thanks girl! Ű), Oli introduced us to his favorite ice cream found in a Korean-Japanese store along Annapolis.

The ice cream's really good. Thanks Oli. :) I once thought Cathy is the best when it comes to finding good food, now I bestow the honor on to you. Haha! :P

T had to leave early for some new year's eve preps, but she was filled in with the latest happenings of my life. :P And my way of telling her I'm gonna be late goes something like this, "You have to wait for me, I have a dilemma!" Hahaha!!! My sense of entitlement knows no bounds. :P

I appreciate her being round in this "critical" times of my life. I'm a need a lot of girlfriend consultations at the moment. :P One remarkable thing with T during our conversations is how we pick up the thrust of the advice given to each other. We both make sure to point it out although these can just be ordinary statements. The best lines I've heard from her so far is that 'We could be wrong.' and "BE POSITIVE" as the word of 2010. LOL!

She only has 'til next week before going back to Sydney and I hope to make the best moments out of her stay. :)

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