Friday, September 04, 2009

EB of the Year

He’s simply the best cousin one could ever have! LOL!

Many of you who have noticed the frequent mention of Wil in this blog need not wonder who he is anymore. Haha!

He was just once a stranger “insisting” in my FB’s inbox that he’s my cousin since we’re of the same surname. Hahaha!! Just kidding. He was just asking. Then I could remember the nerve of him asking help about a certain limited edition Adidas with Philippine flag logo. Sorry Wil, this has just to be out. :P

The next thing I know he’s becoming one of my blog’s regular stalkers from Ontario! Hahaha, he’s in Cebu now he can’t read this! :P So fastidious on my fashion choices but always pleased like a father whenever I splurge! Tsk, talk about the real shopaholic! Trust me, he’s the real deal! :P

Now he’s here in Phils. It’s been a while since we knew each other virtually and it’s high time to meet. He’ll be here for about a month and is gonna do lots of photography in Cebu, Palawan, HK, Macau, and other countries in his agenda. :D

Last Tuesday I was so pressured on what to wear. He’s practically scrutinized me in every detail of my clothing before. So after about 3 changes of ensembles, I opted to dress down in the most casual clothes I could ever muster. Haha! Tank top, skinny jeans and yellow shoes! Vuh-ry casual! Grabe ang hirap pala I-meet ang blog reader. They might come up with expectations! :P

So at Greenbelt, I was hoping he’d somehow match with what I’m wearing but NOPE! I think he’s wearing about 3 articles of colothing for top. :P Still too formal for me even if he paired it with jeans. :P Now my time to pick on him. LOL! I tagged along my friend Lisa for the dinner @ Chili’s.

If you noticed a box in the table, that’s my brand-spanking new Nikon S60 Coolpix courtesy of Wil! Hahaha!!! Grabe, it’s so much for a pasalubong! I was just teasing him on donating one of his SLRs everytime I learn that he’s gonna upgrade to a new one but I didn’t expect he’ll give me a digicam! Weeeeeee!! =) Not only that, he’s got for me pairs of shoes, chocolates (Brookside Almonds and Ferrero Collection, yum!!!) and Mango gift certificate! Yay! He really knows what his cute li’l cousin likes!! Hahaha!!! Lisa has gifts too! :)

The dinner went along just fine. We were talking like we’re real cousins and know each other for a very long time! And get this; I’m amazed that he knows what my type of guy! I don’t remember mentioning about it in here. And it turns out; he’s quite serious on his comment before about finding me a husband while he’s here! LOL! I thought he was just kidding. Well then goodluck to him! Haha!! I was about to do the same but he already updated us on his situation. :P

So now that Wil has come, I think Kevin should come next! Hahaha!! :P

With his arrival and my childhood best friend Mae from Bahrain, I have this feeling that September is gonna be a good month! I love September! :)


Lissy said...

Haha... the dude's such a shopping whore and he very well knows it! haha! Anyways, besides the EB's you're gonna get into this month of September, someone's celebrating a birthday really soon... any idea??? :P Haha..

Anonymous said...

lol!! 1st off, that Philippine Addidas Jacket is a keeper, and a classic.. I had to buy it on ebay for $240 because they were sold out everywhere. I'll bury myself in that Jacket lol.

2nd, shopping whore? Hindi ako shopping whore.. addict lang ako.. I can't help not love shopping.. It gives off a high like no other drug can. hehehe

3rd shh on my girl situation lol.. she might be reading this na haha.. j/k.. Why oh why are girls so complicated? haha :( I've basically just hanged up the white flag with her.. blah..

I'm having a hard time finding you a man na.. None of them make enough money to satisfy your shopping habits, that I might have to look in HK for your

I'll be back in Manila on the 19th, so we should do something on the weekend, like the 20th..
Remember ladies not only am I a nice cousin, I'm also the reason you girls are talking again na.. haha


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you doing checking my blog all the way from Cebu???????? LOL!!!!

You really can't live without the internet, can you??? HAHAHA!!!


Nivek said...

I'm not sure that I should come visit now. After all, you're referring to the loyal blog readers as stalkers?!

On second thought, I'll come to Phils, just to visit with Lisa and to shower her with gifts.

Thats what a good SwEeT TaLk blog stalker should do, right?

Haha.. just kidding!

I think I might have to plan on coming next year if Pres. Obama doesn't eliminate my job by then. He's trying.

Nivek said...

And yes, I'm a shopping whore as well. Especially if it says Apple on it :)

I just bought my newest toy the other day - a brand new iPhone 3GS.

Tomorrow they are supposed to come out with new iPods, maybe a e-reader, and a new version of iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice! So I'm expecting Apple gifts on your visit?? Hahaha!!!