Wednesday, September 02, 2009

6 Time's The Charm: SG6 Highlights

Since it's my 6th visit here, I will be doing 6 highlights for the last visit:

a. Food. For the first night I tried Indonesian dining @ Indo Padang with my Indo counterparts. I also tried some Arab dining @ CafĂ© La Caire and I can say outright that I’m not a fan. :P Some buffet dining @ Hyatt hotel allowed me to have Chili crab and Indian dining. :) Sarap, sarap! Katakem-takem… Hehehe.. :P

b. Indonesians. We were just joined by another technical consultant in Indonesia. So at night, I was accompanied by a total of 3 TC counterparts and 1 developer, which are all Indonesians. These guys’ sense of humor combined! Migosh, hilarious! Haha!! They just had me cracking up most of the time. Although at times, a conversation that initially started in English turns out to Bahasa Indonesia after a few minutes would have me and Nam (counterpart from Thailand) staring at each other clueless as to where the talk is going to. Haha!! It’s funny. You know when Indonesians overhear Filipinos talking in Tagalog, they would say that they can home in on some of the words but for me, I don’t notice it. :P Although at times most of my convos with them would start on comparing words in Bahasa Indonesia – like one time in the Geylang bazaar I noticed that bili and pili have the same meaning for both languages. Cool! :D

c. Geylang/Ion Mall/ Choa Chu Kang. New places I visited on my 6th visit. This Geylang thing, I only thought of it as a forbidden area from the feedbacks I was getting before. I didn't know they also have these nice lightings, food tripping and shopping bazaars. I wasn’t able to shop though coz most of the stuffs are room decors and things I could see also in Divi. As for the Ion mall, well yeah I liked the Aquarium type ceiling or whatever you call that special effects. :) Too high end. But look! There’s Harry Winston! Wala lang, just saying. :P And CCK, is where my besty Joy is currently staying. ;-)

d. Joy. I thought I already lost my bestfriend. My visit last April was very dull. We didn’t talk so much and I felt like she was mad at me or something. I was wrong. Even if we didn’t go around this time, it’s okay. She’s opening up her problems to me and I was updated on her life. :) My bestfriend is back. :) She'll always be the highlight of my stay. :)

e. Posh. Kudos to those who noticed the shoes-es in the background. I really brought them. You know I have this thing in my shoes-es that each of them has their turns in traveling also. Wahaha!! So you see when I say during check-in “Oh no, please don’t hit 20!”, it’s not me being cute and all. I received comments saying there are tricks on packing and trust me - I know them all. I can wear too much clothes en route the country I’m going to but you see, it’s not the clothes. It’s the shoes! Haha!! Funny, I was so protective of my black gladiator shoes I was thinking of just bringing it along inside the box and not have it checked-in inside the luggage. But then I remembered, pointed/sharp objects are not allowed for handcarry right?? I’m not sure if I’m gonna escape the inspection points with those heels in my paperbag. Hahaha!!!

f. Blessed. Granted there were mishaps in the hotel (they’re starting to become inevitable, hahaha!!), but there are things to thank for. Like how I was allowed to check-in though I was late, not feeling any cramps or being attacked by the big D during this “girly stage” – really a biggie for me coz you just don’t have any idea what happens for worst case scenario, it might make me miss a day of the training and become bedridden for a day; given food gifts as present by a colleague – a very sweet gesture :) and just being able to travel and go back here. Small blessings we must not take for granted and must thank Him for. :)

Speaking of blessings, another visit on October might be too much for this year but I’m still hoping it’s a go. :)

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