Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day B4 26th

Was a holiday! =)

Morning was spent with my visiting relatives from Aklan! Morning videoke with my little nieces. To which I always find myself asking, "Why do we bloody always have an ice cream during times like these?"

Actually, more suitable question is, why can't I control my eating habits? After solo-ing the microphone for about an hour, I know it's bad for the vocal chords to eat anything cold but I can't help it! :P

So hello, tonsillitis!

Which explains the swelling of the cheeks above. LOL! And look! There's more ice cream in the table! Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! Hahaha!!

The evening was spent with friends. We watched Kimmy Dora. Cathy was so dead set in seeing this. And it's such a laughtrip! Eugene Domingo is sooo funny! I can't recall the last time I watched a Tagalog movie on the big screen. Probably sometime high school or college??

Anyway, it's the first time we went out with a group of five. And yup, I was the 5th wheel! Ugh! Joy came with her Jendel and Cat as usual with Bri. Actually I didn't feel bad, left out or what. I believe it was even more advantageous as the waiters were giving me the extra attention. LOL!! Just kidding. :P

These were taken @ Sumo Sam, Shangrila.


Nivek said...

Happy Birthday KC!

And it is just not the waiters, I'll always pay you extra attention!

Anonymous said...

haha! thanks kev! :)