Wednesday, September 09, 2009

2nd Mtng

Because I forgot to mention these to you guys this afternoon, I’ll just sort of collate them here. It’s about the comments and reactions I got from my blog and at home.

1. Home. My aunt saw ALL your pasalubongs. Tita asked “Nanliligaw sayo?” LOL! Me: “Hindi. Friend ko yan from Canada nagbabakasyon. Malaki utang na loob sakin nyan.” Hahaha!!! Hay naku Wil, I had to make up a story pa. Kasi naman, ang hirap mag-explain. Haha! :))

2. From Rai-yan (hi! If you’re reading! =): “Safe ba?” So funny! In my last post, did it sound like I just met ya recently? LOL! Anyway, I don’t meet strangers personally for a start. That’s too risky. Wil didn’t know this but I already sent detectives back to Toronto early this year to investigate on him. I only decided to say yes and meet him when they confirmed that he has no criminal records or what. Hahaha!!! Joke lang. :P So okay I did some tracing and I just found out that your first message in my FB was way back Sept 28, 2007! Whoa! 2 years ago, I’m surprised myself! Haha!! So yeah people he’s not a stranger. :P

And while we’re at it, let me expound on this a bit more. While it’s true I have friends online that I haven’t met yet - there’s Erdal from Turkey and Kev from US – but, a big BUT, the process on how I met them was unintentional. It’s not like I entertained their “Hi! ASL please!” on chat. Noooooo!! I’m not into chatting. I just hate how one guy reacted when I told him about Erdal saying “Pumapatol ka pala sa ganyan?” as though it’s a very degrading thing to do or that it was so desperate I did it on purpose so I can meet love online. Duh???? I’ve no plans of doing that. On a sidenote, I think maybe he was just being bitter coz I turned him down years before. LOL! Anyway, each one has different story on how I met them and I made sure to set the precedent right at the onset. Haha, reading my reply to Wil’s message a while ago just reminded me on how snob I am to strangers. Oh you should’ve known about Erdal’s, I think I scared him at the very beginning. Hahaha!! Hay, I wish I could tell about it one day when I finally meet him. So again, it’s true I’ve already lots of friends here but I welcomed them all to my life as friends because of the very simple reason that we click. * wink* Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to have gifts when they visit PH! Hahaha!! Then I'm promoting Phil tourism pa! See?? I'm doing this all for a good cause. Hahaha!!!

3. From Cathy. “Kayo na?” LOL! Hahaha!!! LOL!!! Funniest question of all. Wil said it himself, “It’s incest.” And this is my statement; I don’t have plans having Pelayo squared for a surname. :P Alright?? Everything cleared??

Hay naku Wil, you’re just like my job. Too complicated of a set-up to explain. :P

As promised, here’s us again @ New Bombay (yey!!!) Glorietta for lunch meeting.

Okay. Let me just comment that this picture is all sorts of wrong. Hahaha!! I think yung wall ang kinukuhanan ng picture ni ate and not the three of us. It's not the Indian-upholstered seats or the paintings up above but SIMPLY THE WALL! Hahahaha!!!!

And I promised, I will not blog about Lisa's GRAND exit! LOL! :D


Anonymous said...

lol! lol! in case your tita's are reading this.. I didn't fly 28hrs to date anyone LOL!.. Casey is even tried setting me up, I flatly said no because I AM SEEING someone in Toronto thats just complicated... lol I can't believe I'm explaining myself on a message board.. haha
As for Lisa, ya GRAND EXIT TALAGA.. at least meron excuse why she was late coming back to the office diba? hehehe

I've got to stop hanging out in Greenbelt.. I'm shopping way too much now, I'm going to need a 3rd luggage haha.


Anonymous said...

uhmm, would u like me to post this comment to my multiply and fb too?? so blog readers would be informed?? hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

hoy wag.. haha...

na sa mall ako again.. i had to pay for my flight to borcay. 20k all in 2 tickets.


Nivek said...

KC, just post on FB the "Lisa's Grand Exit" video/ story.