Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Some people just simply are. =x

Today was a very much needed holiday. I'm so grateful! Early gym, a little pampering and I found the perfect speakers for my pink laptop!!!! It's nice when you have ample time to tour the mall aside from those clothing boutiques you normally go to!! :D HERE. It costs a fortune! I need a financier or wait 'til it goes on SALE! LOLs! :D

LA LA LA........... :P :P :P

See you soon..


1 comment:

Nivek said...

Pink really? KC, I was beginning to think you had impecable tastes but I'm not sure anymore. Next you'll say you like McD's. Which, coincidently, I am right now but it is not befitting for a classy girl like you -- even if you have a pink laptop.