Saturday, August 08, 2009


What do they call this trouser?? I initially thought it's a jodhpur but I looked up for pics in the web and they don't seem so. I got it on sale in MNG and they're so comfy!

- I’m loving my arms in this picture. I could’ve sworn I saw a curve in there. I think the vertical traction, pulldown, low row and lat machines are paying off. :P :P :P

- Ever since my last post, I’m getting addicted to editing photos again.

- I couldn’t help but obsess if my first sentence on the last post is grammatically correct. :P I edited it now but still doesn’t feel right. And what a relief to hear Delamar of Morning Rush talk about how she wasn’t able to get over for days on her wrong pronunciation of Macaulay Culkin on air. Well, she’s a DJ. I’m an engineer. :P Excused eh?? :P

- The supposed-to-be post for today was just motoring along beautifully (7 paragraphs) when I decided against it and named it Crap.doc! Too bad I think it’s juicy though.

- Considered the option of “praying” first before making a purchase to help me lessen the things I want right now. :P

- Wishing for these “biz trips” to happen.Reading “Be Careful What You Wish For” so maybe I might not ask for too much or hope much on bullet above.

- Was wearing above today, passed by a group of cagers and their chatter died to a hush when I passed by. There must be something in that trousers! LOLs!

Can't wait to be in SG again! :)

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