Monday, August 10, 2009

Lights, Camera, Aaaaaaaaacction!!!!

Picture the scene in our house, 3 PM today. TV in the living room is on, Mama/Papa and Kuya glued on to it. TV upstairs is on, our house help ironing my clothes infront of it, my Tita seated on the bed near the TV and Lem watching on the side. As for me?? I was standing by the door of the toilet in the 2nd floor, wrapped in a towel and my hair (wet with the conditioner on) dripping over. What’s happening? Lem’s 1st acting stint! Wahaha!!

Oh right, I forgot where. Uhmmm in (ok, at this point I resist the urge to recoil inwardly) “Dear Friend.” Err, you know, that show in Channel 7 that stars uhmm Jolina & Marvin! There, I said it. Whew! Haha!! Well I’m very much aware how you all know that I’m “not a fan” of that network “Not a fan”??????? That’s sooooo the understatement of the year! Hahaha!! Okay, okay, okay. But now is not the time to be such an INGRATE! Hehe. :P

“Pinakita na siya?” I asked as I open the door of the toilet.

“OO. Yung pangalan niya introducing Lemuel Pelayo.”
My Tita replied.

If it’s not my Tita, I would’ve rolled my eyes as though I’m missing half of my life if I didn’t see that opening credit. Haha!! But then again, that’s my aunt who we all love dearly. :P Good thing, I didn’t have to soak my hair too much with the hair conditioner coz Lem already cued us on where his scenes would be. It was the 2nd setting about 2-3 mins after the show started. And he’s going to have an encounter with ---Jean Garcia!

He plays Charles – brother of Jean Garcia in the story. This is like really WOW coz you can just imagine for starters like him, it’s not everyone that gets a chance to act with Madam Klaudia! She’s a very good actress. That’s why I can still remember him texting me during the shoot how he was very nervous coz they’re going to embrace each other! Hahaha!!! I tried to suppress a giggle when he was already delivering his lines. Haha!! All I can say is my brother can act naturally when it comes to comic scenes but drama is different. Be the judge and see for yourself coz they still have heavy episodes in the continuation next week! Hahaha!!! :))

And by judging on his appearance late last night on All-Star K (a fill in the blank of the lyrics contest), looks like he's gonna be more or less committed to that network. Ooops, bawal mgreact! Hahaha!!!

Happy Anniversary to my Mama and Papa! Actually on Tuesday pa, hehe but celebration was earlier. :P

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