Saturday, August 15, 2009


Funny. When I was working for Samsung before, I never really put our complimentary cinema tickets to good use. They all went piled up in my wallet until they reach their expiration date. There was even one time when I remember disposing of 14 (FOURTEEN!!!) tickets for Promenade. Bloody hell, what was I thinking??

And now, Joy usually tags us along for her Rockwell tickets. :P As selfish as it may sound but like Josh to uncle Ninoy, “ Please don’t get married.” Hahaha!!! Or more like “Please don’t get in a relationship yet.” Joke. Lavyah Joy, hope things will get better one day. :)

Anyways, Joy & I were in for a real nice food trip yesterday. Cathy, with her expertise on anything when it comes to good food, picked C2 (Classic Cuisine) yesterday for dinner. Obviously, it was my first time to try the restaurant. All I can say is when Cathy gives a treat, it’s sure to be enjoyable. :D

I came in late. (* roll eyes*). Haha!! But she sure picked up the best Filipino dishes they offer. There were 3 dishes already served when I arrived: Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion, Crispy Kare-Kare and the Tinolang Binakol. (Uhmm, be careful in pronouncing. :P)

THEY. WERE. ALL. YUMMY!! Food trip indeed! Forgot I’m on a diet. :P You will simply love the creamy coconut sauce of the Tilapia. As for the crispy kare-kare, it’s my first time to try the crispy pork in a kare-kare sauce. And the bagoong, hmmm yummy!!!! :D Lastly, I was never a big fan of Tinola but it was different with ginger-coconut soup (they used coconut in the tinola soup, clever!!). Two things are decided: (1) couz Wil, we must try this again when you come home :P We’ll go for Indian, Filipino and Italian, okay? And (2) I need extra effort in the gym for the next day. HAHAHA!!!

And when we reserved seats for originally planned G.I.Joe quite late already and only front row seats were the only ones available, it turned out we were really in for a laugh trip. Hahaha!! We watched The Hangover instead and it was just too hilarious, you should see it!! :D

Wala lang, maiba lang. You've already seen the poster of the movie right? He's just so gwapo lang in the movie. Hahaha!!!

Great food, funny movie = good friday!! :D


Wil said...

I can't believe you just saw the hang over.. The funniest movie I've seen since old school.. Instant classic.. I've never laughed my ass off so hard LOL f'n LOL :D

Italian, Indian, and Pinoy? deal.. reading your blog today got me hungry and it's almost 3 am HAHA.
I've got a wedding in 5 hrs, gotta sleep..

If you still have a contact at the LV store please let me know.. A friend is giving me a grand to buy her a purse but only if I can get it on sale. Sorry it's not for you LOL


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! grabe nasa roof lang pala ung friend..kalokohan!!! :P

yey, yey, C2 it is!!! :D

nah, sorry wala na cousin ni cathy eh..but i will still ask her if she has some cards that can give discount..


Lissy said...

you should watch He's Just Not That Into You... He's also hot in that movie :p

Anonymous said...

well yeah looks like im missing a lot when it comes to movies..i'll try to rent that one..:P