Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SG Preview: Touch of Colors

Starting Monday next week, I'm going to be an office girl for 5 days!! Weeeeeeee!!! Hahaha!! :))

4 days before my flight and I haven't fully decided yet on my ensemble for the whole week. :P But I'm thinking a touch of color would do for the theme. Yay! So talagang my theme?? Hahaha!!

(a) Gucci bag - not GH! :P Probably the only item of haute couture I'll ever own a single stitch of! Haha! :D

(b) Kashieca Pearl Necklace - set against an LBD for an Audrey Hepburn feel. :P

(c) Mustard yellow top from Bayo - very formal and businesslike.

(d) PrP gladiator shoes - she just plainly have to come with me to SG! Hahaha!

(e) Dorothy Perkins belt - coz I'm repeating a favorite ensemble with that which was already posted here before.

(f) MNG sunnies - for catching some precious sleep in the plane. :P

(g) Maldita laptop bag - because it's become a tradition (for lack of better term coz it's actually "accidental") to have a new laptop bag when I travel to SG. And this would mean a total of 6 already. :P

Anyway, hope everything will be finalized in the next 2 days coz I keep on changing my mind about things. :P Weird, some people they do shopping on the country they're going to but as it happens it's not applicable to me, and let's not forget Wil - who's arriving on my same date of return. Weeeeeee!!! I'm so excited on my gifts from Canada: new camera and shoes!! Haha!! And besides, going back to the point, the Singapore sale is over! Blech! XD Well I heard there's a new mall in Orchard named ION with the title competing as "the mall of all malls" so I hope I'll have the time to check it out. :)

Haven't had time to post lately. You all know what work's like days before travel, be it personal or business. :P :P :P


Wil said...

We're arriving the same date? Maybe we'll have a get together at the airport :D
I have to scratch Beijing out of my places to visit because I've been too busy to get a vistors visa.. I'm hoping to be able to do it in Manila, but if not China, I'm thinking a little more exotic like Laos, or New Zealand.
I've been shopping like crazy lately, so I know I won't need clothes or shoes when I get there (ya right), but I'm hoping to do a lot of photography.

The I had a choice of staying at a 50 dollar a nite hotel, or a 5 dollar a nite hostel in Malaysia, and of course I chose 5 dollars HAHA... I've read some great reviews on the hostel, and I will let you know how safe it is.

Anonymous said...

yeah we could..except that I just learned that 31st is a i'm thinking of extending in SG until monday??????/ hahahhaa!!!

what time exactly are you arriving on 29th?


Anonymous said...

10 PM I think, from Narita airport.