Thursday, August 13, 2009


Above everything else, (hear ye, hear ye!! Haha!!) let it be known that tickets were on me for this concert. Must I really blow my trumpet?? Hahaha!! But of course, this just happens once in a blue moon!!! :P :P :P

Okay, let me explain. Remember the cancelled Palawan trip?? As a good friend, I really really feel guilty for letting down Mike coz he was soooo anticipating the getaway. It’s just that there were some important stuffs at work which I can’t leave behind. Despite my efforts, the HK-Macau trip had already risked my performance and I don’t want it to happen again. Having said that, Mike and I still need some making up from someone. I think we both deserve it. And I’m not talking about settling anything financially. (-, -)

Mike & I both agreed to meet up around 6 PM. Concert starts at 8 and I told him we should be earlier reminiscent of my last free seating tickets at Araneta Coliseum circa 2000 for the Westlife concert with Intan!! Yes I was a Westlife fanatic then. Then, being the operative word already after hearing about Mark Feehily’s “out-ing”. What a shame! That was one memorable concert!! Ohmigosh, you just simply have to hear the story! :D

Although my friend Intan & I were still early for the concert, we found the queue for the free seating too long that it seems like it’s already encircled the whole dome!! Seriously! So what we did was “squeeze” ourselves near the entrance just when they’re already letting the audience in. Right after, I found myself being the recipient of the violent attacks of grandmothers and mothers who probably went there 5 hours or more earlier for the show! Lordy, I was never a rule-breaker all my life! But my love for Westlife pressed me to become one. As the mob was being let in, some of them were yelling at me, pulling my hair (seriously!), reporting me to the guards that I cut into the line as if I was a criminal and did something against the law. But they can’t do anything about it, can they? Haha! Eventually Intan & I made it safely inside and got for us a nice view of the stage. :P Memorable isn't it? :P
One astonishing fact here is that I was early (haha!) and I observed that there were no queues. They already let in the crowd. Mike came from a day shift so he was understandably late. One thing you’ll love about Mike are his repartees. He came from a wake before his shift, so complaining about his headache:

“Grabe wala pa akong tulog." Pause for effect, "Sabagay, mabuti naman yun kesa naman sa walang gising!” LOLs!

And when the concert wass over,

“Hay naku. Sigurado wala kang makukuhang taxi dito. I’m pretty, I’m sure.” Hahaha!!

Anyways, why am I already talking about the end of the concert!! I haven’t told you yet how marvelous Gaga is! Just like her lyrics in acoustic Poker Face, she’s marvelous, so marvelous, so marvelous!!! It would be so nice to see her up close but I got the ticket quite late already as my original companion was in a shilly-shally at first until eventually she withdrew. She sang most of her songs in, as always, electrifying performances. And of course, the outfits just never disappoint! Mostly observed were strong shoulders and volumes as seen below (if you could still see anything that is :P).

One thing to note is the way the entrance and exits were not just your ordinary walking in and out just like in most concerts. There were mini clips shown in between sets like how there was this curtain at first with her photo below, with me quipping “That Pamela Anderson?” LOLs! :P Trust only Lady Gaga to do those embellishments in her concert!

It was amazing how some went an extraordinary mile in dressing up as Gaga. There were some sporting platinum blonde wigs, strong shoulders, fishnets, headbands, etc! (Gay, most of them. :P) It would be so fun to play-up Gaga but I’m loving my printed jumpsuits so I just went for them. Yun naman eh, segue! Wehehe. :P

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