Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Pretty Wasted in Retro Marathon

Means we're still pretty albeit wasted last Monday after a 2-hour straight class of Retro! :P
hindi kami adik mgpicture sa gym noh? LOL!
As the name suggests, its non-stop dancing to the tunes of the 80s. But wait, there's more! FF already modified Retro to infuse modern dance and Latin! Yeeha!! So no problemo waiting for some hits to be included in Body Jam, I can already dance to Jaiho or Poker Face with the oldies every Monday. :D And the steps are exactly those in the music videos! Lahvet! But of course there was also a blast of MJ's hits from the past. * sigh*

For marathon classes, special awards are given to exceptional performers! Congratulations to Cathy and Doc! Ű For sure many mommies/grannies coveted the award for their all-out performances. Haha!! See? Some of them even prepared identical shirts for special events like this!

Here's to more friendly "titas" to know in the class. The woman next to me is Selena. Even with the proper introduction, she insists on calling me "bagets" as though I'm the only early twenties in that class! LOL! In return, I don't want to call her Tita Selena. I like her face, she's pretty! Funny the term "bagets", how very retro! Haha!

After the class, there's a mini salo-salo where the food served is so yummy that me coming back for the barbecue is enough to waste all efforts for the last 2-hours! XD


Anonymous said...

deng, the place I'm staying at is in Sikat St, near Boni Ave..

Is that near malls? lol


Anonymous said...

Sikat st?? Im gonna research! In Boni, there's only one mall near which is Robinson's Pioneer and I hate that mall!!! XD You'll know when you see for yourself!! Haha!!