Saturday, July 04, 2009


Wooohoo to a lot of things:

1. Joy being very much available again. Yihee!! :) Cathy and I missed her. Here's the beauties @ Zong, The Fort Strip.

2) To meeting a new friend Melody. :) Sis of another dear friend of mine Tyts. :) She's a co-gym addict! :P

3) To grooving to the sounds of MJ's hits @ Jill's in The Fort. I'm not sure if it's really every Friday when they play oldies songs. But it was fun! We just felt like we're in Retro class in the gym. :P Haha! Ang cute ni Cathy here! :D

4) To Brian who's found himself loving the night life?? Wahaha!! I swear he's never with us before during JT's time, but now he's eager for the next gimmick! Was it the booze or something?? I really don't know! LOL!

5) Lastly to my YELLOW shoes I got in HK!! Yihee!! Haha!! Actually the shoe although the biggest size already felt a bit tight when I first wore it. But this shop in Mong Kok, oh wow it's amazing! They have this thingy that can widen the shoe and after a few mins when I tried it, I was ready to pay! Hahaha!! They actually have this offer of 2 shoes for 250 HKD and Elishah and I both agreed to get each pair. :D I'm loving it! :D

(Blue tube and black silvery tank top, Topshop; High-waist skinny pants, Mango)

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