Friday, July 03, 2009


This post shall document the life of KC after being away for 2 and a half days at work.

I, KC Pelayo, haven't

- unearthed my suitcase yet.

- claimed my credit card that was captured last Friday. - done any home work-outs or gone to the gym since yesterday. XD

- in all fairness to bullet above, I haven't had any decent/proper meals since yesterday. Morning @ HKIA, I had a cup of hot choco, a bag of M n M's while in transit from Clark to Manila and some pica pica in the hotel's lounge in the evening while working with my counterpart. Everything fatty! XD Even today, noodles @ 4 PM anyone???

Whoa! For the last years that I've been working, I never took any leave for more than a day and I didn't know it was that awful upon returning. XD

I know I still owe some pics from last trip but I haven't had any ensemble update for the last days either. :D Hmm, although I know the shoes doesn't really match the dress coz first of all it really is more of a "gimmick" shoes but I had to do some tests if I can carry the heels tonight. Well, I must say the shoe comfortability passed this afternoon but I'm talking about wall-to-wall carpeted floorings like hotels here! Haha!! Not sure about bars with jampacked individuals or grooving in the floor with that shoes on for that matter. :P Yes, I haven't had any gimmicks for a while now and it's a must happen tonight! :D

As mentioned, looking forward to some "unwinding" tonight with my girlies. :D It's much needed!

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