Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel In Style

This is the story of two single girls braving the early morning travel to Clark Pampanga to catch an early flight of 7 AM to HK!! Sorry but we’re TOUGH and INDEPENDENT!! :P

Oh, look @ the jeepney we rented around 1 AM in order to get to DMIA, so classy isn’t it?? So much for traveling in style!! WAHAHA!!!

Well atleast, thankfully we made it in one piece to DMIA!! Surprisingly they have Wi-Fi!! So 5 AM, I was back at work sending out emails. Anything just to help me NOT catch a flight back to Manila on a Monday or Tuesday! XD

The flight was quite turbulent thanks for asking!! Whoever knew that the storm named Feria from the Phils would pass next here?? I didn’t even have time to check the weather! A million things were running in my head yesterday that even the news on MJ’s death occurred to me very late around 2 PM!

After working ‘til 7 PM yesterday, I met up Lisa in Makati where I also transacted some cash advance for allowance on this trip. Well, guess what?? My card got RETAINED!!! Good thing it’s a replacement card and the original will still work for me until end of this month!! Storm, credit card retention, what else could possibly sabotage this trip??? Swine Flu?? Hmm, better get protected!

We’re staying at Tseung Kwan O in Kowloon with a very good friend of mine Kuya Patrick. :) For today we get to tour their neighborhood and here’s to wishing tomorrow’s gonna be a sunny day for a nice tour of the city! :)

Slept 4 AM yesterday. Traveled to DMIA from 12-2 this morning. About 30 mins sleep @ DMIA. Probably 30 mins again during the shaky flight, 5 mins from the 45-min travel from airport to Kowloon and about 2 hrs again after lunch. You can tell guys, I'm UTTERLY DRAINED!!! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......


Anonymous said...

You guys rented a Jeepney? You can rent Jeepnyes? lol.. why not just take the bus with other people which would be cheaper and more environmentally friendly?
I remember taking a cab from Makati to Clarke 2 years ago.. It cost me 2500 pesos lol :D


Anonymous said...

the bus that will take us straight to airport has a last flight sked of 3PM on Friday! can't leave work that early..besides, we were at the airport around 230 AM and it's not yet open!! hahaha!!! we waited outside..