Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy


I guess should be the correct feeling when you’re 26 hrs away from your trip. Instead I’m here in my laptop worrying about

#1 WORK. This and next week will be TOUGH. I have to check on work for the next week while abroad.

#2 SUITCASE. HAVEN’T. PACKED. YET!! If I may add, haven’t shopped for the trip yet. =(

#3 TRAVEL TO AIRPORT. I didn’t know Clark was that hard to access! Uhmm, especially when your flight is a little early you know. Blame it on the promos!!! :P

#4 LODGING. Me and Liz will just freeload and there were some changes lately on the availability of the apartment we’re supposed to stay at!! Thank goodness for back-up plans!! Aargh!!

#5 WORK. I’m sorry. I just really really have to ensure everything will be okay next week while I’m away.

There. I said it. Hoping that after stating them all it would make me feel a little better. Ok, check myself. Hmmmmm… Waaaaahhh!! Still NOT!! =(

I tried shopping and found this new shoe to ease myself. Funny, I first thought of Kim Chiu’s "happiness" TV commercial when I first tried it:

But the happiness was temporary. Back at home, back to work. :( Again, not complaining about work. Just wrong timing I guess. * sigh *

Guys, you should try Typing Maniac in Facebook! So addicting! Hahaha!!

And just an update to last post, latest dream was getting married to a Philippine cager turned comedian. Argh! When will this end????????


Anonymous said...

deng, where are you going?!


Anonymous said...

Errr, Wil seriously I think you're too OLD to be forgetting, hahaha!!! HK remember???????


Anonymous said...

wtf!!! no you never told me shiat lol. i know you bought tickets to go to malaysia in october right?, but not hk..

how much is the flight? i'm so jealous!!!!! 2 more months yeyyey.

if you can afford to travel so much, you can afford an slr!!! buy an slr, and shoot lots.. hell they're cheap in hk, buy it used, and save even more!


Anonymous said...

you read from my jumpsuits post right that I'm planning to wear them in HK???? the flight costs 2.5k only but the airport is in Clark Pampanga..haha!! you'll donate one of SLRs to me right?? haha!! :P


Anonymous said...

lol you're funny!


Tisha said...

I have similar shoes, but in this sort of patent leather-y type material.:)

And...Benjie Paras? Haha. I see him at the gym. Maybe you should start going to my gym. Haha.

Anonymous said...

hi Ms Tish! those strappy shoes are so cute noh?? that's why even if I have already one in brown I can't resist getting the black.. :)

As for the cager I wish it was Benjie Paras but nooooo..waaaaahhh, its' Bonnel Balingit..please don't laugh at me! Hahahaha!!! :D


Tisha said...

I'm trying not to. Hehe.

And really, you don't have to call me "Ms."! It makes me feel ancient.

kCNeSs said...

Haha! Sure Tish....the dish?? ;-)