Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare

Somebody be a Joseph or Daniel and purlease explain these dreams to me:

Thursday night: So okay I have this foreigner bf in my dream. Having said that there’s a significant other in the dream let’s not get too excited about it shall we? Haha! As from my recollection he’s not the type of guy that will certainly be within my radar in fact he’s a bit old. There’s a different story from where I came from which is a department store and going home I was all excited to see him so I was planting this kiss on his cheeks while my arms around his neck when it so happened that a new discovery plant was being filmed right behind us. Like it’s some sort of a new breed or something so it was being reported on TV. The next thing I know and to my eternal shame, the whole country saw the thing like it suddenly became the focus of the news report and not the plant and me cringing seeing myself in the screens of small TVs (like those you see in department stores) taken from different angles like all of a sudden the place was crowded with papparazis. Yay!

Saturday night: This one involved a well-known host-model-editor whom I had a short encounter with during the Samsung Innovate Race. In the interest of full disclosure, I exchanged a few friendly messages with him in my Friendster account right after the race when I saw from Who Viewed Me his profile. Please, not that I’m implying anything here coz he’s way out of my league. Anyways, Lisa gurl had a cameo role in this dream (hahaha!!). After she left with her mom from the hospital, I was left alone and he offered to walk me along Intramuros. His presence at the onset is again a whole different story and is irrelevant coz the thing is, we started acting like you know, a couple. Gosh, I’m feeling that kilig all over again! Hahaha!!! Publicly displaying affection like holding hands and just being happy with each other’s company. And when I said PDA, I really meant it like there’s a whole bunch of students in that area staring at us all probably thinking who’s the UFO, I mean unidentified girl he’s with. Haha!! To their credit, it doesn’t seem like they’re disapproving of me for a celebrity like him. Haha!! But really to my utter speculation, I’m wondering how come for such happy fleeting moments like this my clumsiness won’t leave me??? It’s very remarkable in this dream that while walking I left the right pair of my silver Havaianas and had to come back for it! Really, what a fiasco!! Alamo yun, okay na eh?!?! Hahahaha!!!

And believe me, you had no idea how Sunday morning I tried getting back to sleep again and again just to extend this dream!! * sigh *

I wish I’m just making up this story but come

Sunday night: The two guys I knew from the suburbs that just so happened were linked to me in different times before both proposed to me. They’re the best of cousins and I made this decision that favored one of them because I’m closest to his immediate family, which left me feeling sorry for the other one.

Grabe na these dreams! They’re so strange and weird and odd and combine all of those same adjectives! Haha! As usual, my friends when notified of this story would opine that this ia n omen that something good is to happen in my lovelife which is news with a capital new to me! Hahaha!!

One friend offered up that I might be thinking about it too much that’s why it’s haunting me in my dreams but trust me, hand in my heart, I’m NOT! I’ve long ago made peace to the possibility of being single for life! :P But then again if that’s too happen, what's there to loose? I’ve been practically living the bad side (the being single that is) for a long time now.

LSS: Beautiful Nightmare by Beyonce :)


Nivek said...

I'm so happy that you dreamed about me Thursday night! LOL

The dream totally falls apart though when you're embarrassed to be on TV. I think you'll only be worried if you have on the right shoes and outfit!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Admitting your not my type?? Not true! :P


Nivek said...

So I guess I should be flattered that I'm your type but there is only one small, teeney, itty bitty problem... and that is about 6,000 miles of ocean!