Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 @ Mong Kok

There's this one contact of mine in Facebook who kept on updating his Status every now and then via his mobile during this particular trip of his to somewhere up North! (Think shouting out what's his breakfast, updating on what he's currently doing etc etc that floods your homepage!! XD). I mean, seriously, is that really necessary??? How are you suppose to enjoy your trip when you're fingers are chained to your mobile every once in a while?? I promised myself then and there that I'm not going to do that.

Oookay cut to present, this might be an update to my second day in HK but atleast there's a one day interval from the last post, right? Haha!! Besides, at night I have to check on work (I tried so hard but this can't really just be a pure vacation XD) and I would really need to go online. Also, I have to correct something from the previous post coz I'm such such such a bad friend I have to make it up to her. :)

You see, I forgot that I have to debut Lisa's new hobby in here. I asked her why she's not posting her photography in her blog and she told me she doesn't feel like doing it so atleast I have to make a proper introduction here in my blog right?? It's the least I can do. :P The pic of me with the plane in the background on the last post is courtesy of the new SLR-ist (haha, is there even such a term???) my dear OC friend Lisa Marie. :P :P :P I soooo love it if you must know. Did you too??? ;-)

I just feel guilty because you know before when there's a scenery we use to take turns in the picture but now, it's all her capturing and ME posing. Hahaha!! The only thing I'm hating is her newly found passion of shooting me while I'm sleeping!!!!!!! Aaaarrrgghh!!! Haha!! Hey Wil, what do you think of her shot below in Mong Kok?? Okay, don't flatter the model anymore just give comments on the over-all shot!! HAHAHA!!!!
Another thing to be guilty about is our agreement before that we'll both buy at the same time SLRs but when re-telling the story to our new friends here, I excused that the money went to my shoes-es! LOL! :D I mean seriously, seeing her edit the pics (at night when I bug her to priotize my pics first before sleeping) really turns me off in buying this gadget. Haha! :P

Btw, been friends with her for sometime now and even before I really admire her being "organized" when it comes to things but it's only now that I proved how OC she is!! If you'll see her bag everything is so arranged in ziplocks including the dresses, the toiletries, the medical kit, vanity kit, and my goodness!! She brought hangers for this trip!! HANGERS!! I mean I'm fuzzy when it comes to my what I'm gonna wear but bringing hangers wouldn't even cross my mind!! Haha!! But why am I acting so surprised?? I should've expected all this the moment she emailed me our itinerary for this trip!! REPLETE with details on everything!! Hahaha!!!

Anyways, here's a pic summary of activity yesterday which is shopping in Mong Kok with our new HK friends: Sweet Elishah, Mr Nice Guy Patrick and Funny Jun. :)

Spoils of my trip:

And to those of my friends who've been interpreting my "MEN" dreams as finding the "ONE" in HK, I think you're all right! I think I met him NA in Disney! Wahaha!!

OMG, it's so embarassing he really wants to pose like that!! Kissing me!! Hahaha!!! Tell you on the next. :)


Anonymous said...

Is it me or did she ziploc sanitary pads? eeww lol.
Anyways ya I can tell you didn't take those pics because they do look great, and sharper.. the white balance is off thought.. you're orange on the pic and I don't think it's your new tan.. haha.
Fix for it when shooting =
White balance when shooting with flash = flash icon.. (strobist.org!!!!) Also shoot in rear sync, or slow sync, if you also want to show the background more.. but knowing you, you probably wanted her to just zoom on your face lol..
pass on a message for me! tell her to get adobe lightroom 2.0! time saver!

anyways, can't wait to see what else "you've" taken, and I'm so jealous :D


Lissy said...

Adobe Lightroom - check! Shooting with flash - not really my kinda thing... good suggestion, though... :); the white balance thingy is noted also... let's meet up some time when you're in pinas and teach me a thing or two about the WB thing aight? Looking forward to it... Oh, and yes, I'm a loud and proud Ziploc user - even on SANITARY PADS :D Take care you! :) -Liz

Anonymous said...

Haha Wil, your dead!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

lol! f'n lol... I can't believe I was right about the pads.
ya photoshoot na!
deng, I can't believe you ratted me out haha. :D


Anonymous said...

LOL, LOL and more LOLs!! Can't wait for September!! Yihee!!!!!!!! Let's go to MACAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!