Saturday, June 06, 2009

Samahang Walang Katulad (yessss, San Mig?? Haha!)

Friday night, amidst the heavy downpour in the Metro, we decided to push through with our get together in Mall of Asia. Lately, I’ve been observing myself so needy of friends to hang out with (haha!). Probably because most of the time I work alone but when I talked to our friend Herbert working in Canada whose soooo desperate to see the pictures or talk to us (his longest-running college friends), I realized how I still have to be thankful I only have this tiny downside in my current job set-up. I mean, its not like I have to fly in order to catch-up with my friends right? I only have to endure an hour and a half of…………….TRAFFIC!!! Due to the rain! Arrgh!

Herbert was so sweet to shoulder the dinner and then he also called to talk to each one of us. And all he’s asking in return are……pictures!! Which brings me,

Bong, Me, Xie, Dolph, Lot and "plus one" Weng :)
And while we’re still at it, Bong took out these “trash” that Herbert entrusted to him before his family migrated. Our PICTURES! Hahaha!! Xiela’s gonna be cross if I scan them (haha!). But we had so much fun looking at them not only because of the memories it bring but basically, uhmm well, how we all looked back then. Nyahaha!!
Take for example this photo below, Xiela atleast I didn’t scan it :P, we were on our way to a college outing and we’re all seated at the rearmost of the bus. Now the bus has definitely something wrong in it coz the ride was so bumpy only at the backside and we all found ourselves jumping from our seats as though we’re riding on a horseback. It has got us all laughing for about most of the trip to the beach and we asked someone to take a photo while we’re up from our seat. :P Sooo funny!!

Xiela in her bob, Randolph with long hair?? and me with my read below...:P

And then I found also this another photo which I’ve been dying to see right after our organization’s orientation day because I thought I looked “pretty” in it what with my white make-up under my lower eyelashes as taught to me by my gay friend back then. I haunted that picture and never had the chance to see it only until tonight. And guess what? They all laughed at me for looking like that! Haha!! But really, it’s not that bad! Oh well, just goes to show I’ve never been that good in cosmetics back then and until now!

One thing I noticed from the photos back then is that when I smile, I REALLY do smile!! As though I have this perfect set of teeth!! Gosh, what was up with that?? Hahaha!! Actually I think I heard from Bert over the phone that the reason why he asked Bong to bring them is for us to scan them so he can reflect and see for himself. Yay!! I’ll just make it private!! Hahaha!!!

So many memories! It’s been 10 yrs now and I’m glad we stayed this far. I’m still hoping for another round of Quezon with them this year. Despite the rainy season, I still long for the beach! Yay! Haha!

RAVES: Well, wearing my yellow flats sandals the other day was certainly not one of my wisest decisions in my life. So I wised up and put on my “goldy” ballet flats tonight and I’m ultra loving it! Xiela said it’s similar to the shoe in Boys Over Flowers (Korean drama) but I’m not following it so can anyone tell me?? I got it on sale! :) I must say the delight is just too much for someone like me who before loathes those flats that sort of bends like a U-shape when not worn. :P

Also, I missed chowing down on that Toblerone cheesecake from Coffee Bean! Absolutely the best! :P

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