Thursday, June 04, 2009

Change of Season

But it’s definitely not spring as what you’re going to see in the photo below but I like it very much. PLUM!

Ange my friend however appalled from last post was nevertheless delighted when I showed her this on the same day. Haha!! I hope you too would like it like those who saw me in this yesterday. I was greeted with most of the persons I encounter; in fact I even think the dress is the reason why the storekeeper in the mall processed my request even if they don’t usually offer that service (which I really need badly for work!). :) He’s gay and he really never forgot to point how he likes it before I left. Ű

Plum, Spring, you can associate whatever things that comes to your mind with the dress but this one made me feel like Barbie!! Haha! I know that we all love Barbie when we were little girls so before I gather any violent reaction on your part, let me just point out that It’s Just Me thinking that way. Haha!! Especially with the matching headband below. Hihi.

I was glad to pull it off even with the torrential rain yesterday! Whew! Yup, June’s officially the opening of rainy season. You all know how I love rainy days! :)
And hmm, yeah this dress reminded me of someone:

Haha!! Ongoing season 2 mania for me! :P


Nivek said...

I guess I'm going to associate you looking hot in this dress :) Really it does look good on you. Can I say that I like it without being the gay shopkeeper?

kCNeSs said...

why, thanks kev! :) i love the dress too! yeah, u can safely say that with me not thinking ur gay..haha! :D