Sunday, June 14, 2009

As-Shoe-Sual :P

The Strap-All-The-Way. First time paired with jeans!

The “baul” wedge. Baul (ba-oool) means treasure chest in English. I was talking to Angela about the whole ensemble and she doesn’t seem to have any recollection of any green shoes worn before in our office. Well right, coz this is an Intel shoe. Hehehe. I didn’t have a chance to wear it in Samsung. :P It’s not really old, but I can say it hasn’t been worn for a while. :P Hehe.
Okay, let me just share a little story on how I got this dress. Plains n Prints is having 50% off sale last week and I already like this dress even before. I very well know at one glance whether a dress would fit me so when I saw the one on display, I immediately went to the long queue of the fitting room to try it on. But since it was just a quick lunchtime eskyerda (escape) to the mall, I had to be quick. I had no choice but to walk past the line and try the dress outside the mirror of the fitting room where the girls could peek at me. I then removed my vest and retained my tank top and found the dress fitting nicely. So, I asked the saleslady from afar for a stock and when she asked what size? I looked at the dress and couldn’t believe the size I’m seeing. I had to reply (in a louder voice I must say for all those in the queue to hear), “Extra small!”. Hahahaha!!! Wala lang, I’m such a BRAG! Hahaha!!! It’s just that I never had a dress in this size before! :P

Okay, this may sound a bit presumptuous but without the face on, this could be a Blaire Waldorf for all you know. What with the headdress and all. :P Haha! I’m such a fan!

The “Break Monotony” Shoes.

The again, “yet-to-wear” Aldo shoes! Finally! Okay, take back all my hatred for this brand when it comes to shoes! Hahaha!! They have my size in pumps! But the best thing of all, I got it like 80% off! Weee!! :) Actually, the day I bought it, I was wearing the strappy boots above which y’all know from my post last time is a “copycat” of their shoes. I cringed while I was trying the shoes on! Hahaha!!!

And lastly, the finale, recent addition, currently-loving (haha!), the Ice-Skating shoes!! Hahaha!! It’s PINK! It’s PINK! It’s PINK! Hahaha!!!

I swear it’s super comfortable! And I paired it with my ice-skating dress. LOLs!

As for this flats on sale, currently thinking if it's okay. Haha!! I just need couz Will to tell me I have enough flats. Right? Right?? And I will counter him by mentioning his recently purchased camera. Wahaha!!

I was with Joy last Saturday in the mall! Weeee!! What a monotony from my usual weekends alone. Yey to her being "single" again. For now. Woooot!! Sweetness sorry we didn't have our pic. Next time okay? ;-)


Anonymous said...

lol... you went a little hardcore with the shopping there.. I wonder if you don't shop for a year, if you could buy a house with that money haha.
No worries Deng when I'm there I'll take you shopping..

I won't pick up the tab though haha


kCNeSs said...

hardcore?? haha!! not really! just two new shoes! :P and hello? the one's on 80 off sale from Aldo! that's a great buy! :P hahaha!!