Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lady In Red- Tweets! :)

Haven’t had any thoughts lately, only fashion inspiration what with the ongoing sale around! Haha! Warehouse is having an ongoing sale and I was able to score this skirt that the ladies there kept on asking me to try ever since they started recognizing me! Believe me, it required superhuman effort to resist that skirt back then. From the cut alone, I already can tell that it’s going to be a figure hugger. As the saleslady was nudging me to the fitting room, tell you she's nothing if not persistent, I smiled running escape routes in my head. And before me and my credit card could cave under the pressure, I took out my phone and pretentiously answered a business call and headed outside. :P :P
So the other day, with the magic words 50% off emblazoned on a stand outside, I went inside mindful of this skirt. But alas, they don’t have something in my size anymore. :) This is already the last skirt in the rack. And it is a size 12. Duh? (*rolls eyes*) I’m an extra small in Plains n Prints! HAHAHA!! Until now, I can’t get over that size!! Hahaha!! Bah, humbug! Hahaha!!

No worries though, I can always count on a seamstress to fix it for me. But since I haven’t had time lately, I brilliantly thought of a way to still use it. Hindi naman ako excited noh?? Haha!!
Whoever invented cinchers is a genius beyond genius! My own personal Einstein! Hahaha!!

Aaah gloves! If only I am as posh as Vicky B (the Beckham not the Belo :P) then I could've been brave enough to make it a statement. * sigh *

Btw, I painted my lips crimson! Yay! Is the finishing touch too much for a breakfast meeting?? Haha!!

Also, if you noticed something new on my sidebar, yup I tweet too! :D For times when I might not have a post, rest assured I've something to tweet! Which will eventually turn into paragraphs someday. Haha! Follow me.. :)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you're tweeting lol.
You post a status update on fb like every 4 hrs, and blog every other day.. what's there to tweet about? hehe


Anonymous said...

ahaha!! i dont know tweets are more specific than in fb! :P