Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This Is SO Much Fun!! (Bora Day 1)

Ali suddenly blurted out those words while we were aboard the mini van that would take us to our lodging in Boracay in the midst of our group conversation. It sent us all out into laughter. Haha!! It’s just Ali and him saying those words. Just LOL-tastic!! Haha!!

But it’s true. Just an hour only of being with them in the new NAIA3 (my first time!!) had already made my jaw and tummy ache due to so much fun! Well it’s been a while since we all went out together; there were lots of stories and everything. It’s a good thing coz the mood was so jovial we didn’t so much mind the fact that the flight that would take us to Kalibo airport was VUH-RY late. :P

Take for example one of the stories I gathered while waiting on how most of us appeared to have taken this vacation for granted. I for example slept without an alarm the Friday before coz I only intended to sleep for an hour when I arrived home [meaning I slept without doing my night routine (oh the skin pores, tsk!) and didn’t finish packing] and luckily bolted up from bed around 5 AM for no reason. You know how usually my Saturday mornings are and I’m thankful for whatever it is that awaken me coz if not for that, it’s almost certain that I will miss the flight. Like, goodbye 10k!! Randolph wasn’t aware a week before that last Saturday was already the schedule of our vacay and Bong came from a drinking session Friday night. See?? It looked like none of us were really interested in going. Haha!! Oh and add to that the fact that I didn’t bring any valid IDs during the trip I just luckily escaped all the inspection points. Wahaha!!

But we REALLY really enjoyed our stay. Matter of fact we’re already planning on when and where to go the next time. I’m just gonna cut this one short due to a LIST of things to do for work but I’m gonna leave ya with some of the nice pics we had en route Kalibo.

Weee!! Someone's very happpppeeeeeee!!!

ME, Joan, Ali, Xiela & Dolph

But if you really wanna know how Bora is, well

Sand's still white:

Beach is perfect!!

With a lovely sunset:

But with a so-so night life as compared to Puerto Galera?? (This weekend only maybe?? Hmmm....)

I'm loving that new pose above (aside from the jumpshots of course, hehe). Which brings me to say that someone has found a new hobby!! Haha!! 4th and 5th and last pic above are courtesy of Randolph's brand-spanking new SLR. Yihee!! Which always works to my advantage of course. Hahaha!! :))

Stay tuned for day 2 activities! ;)

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