Thursday, April 09, 2009

Reef Walking

I got bitten by a fish. And that pretty much is the highlight of this entire 7-minute video. Haha!! You know why?? This is not audio-sweetened coz I don’t have that much time to put some music into it so all the while you’ll just hear the sound of the water but come the 7:04 mark, you’ll hear a scream coming from yours truly. Hehe. Which is just a normal reaction of course considering you’re 12 – 18 ft under water treading in an unknown territory and suddenly felt a sting somewhere in your right thigh! What? Does it taste like bread?? Hmmmmm..Hahaha!! Heck I don’t even know what kind of fishes were in there (coz I’m not into them) but the experience of feeding them was rather fun. :)

I have always wanted to do scuba diving but was not able to do so because of the cost. I thought this would be a very good substitute but I was wrong. It was kind of hard moving with that 20 kg headgear that makes you look like an astronaut (hehe) plus what you see from the glass is not the actual distance of the object from you. You will notice in the video that I’ve attempted many times to touch some fish but failed to do so. It’s still different when you can actually swim into the deeper part of the ocean and have more freedom to explore the beauty underneath. Someday I will, someday. Hehe.

Please don’t also laugh at Randolph at 1:49 mark where he looked as though he’s begging for the bevy of fish to come near him. Hahaha!! It must be his shirt. Haha!! Which brings me to say that someone needs a tummy tuck or probably more Hip Hop Abs workout. Haha!! I will work on it. Tsk!

Kudos also to Bong (4:12 mark) who’s responsible for all the wonderful photos and video. :) That’s so unselfish of him just happy taking shots of others. Unlike me who's such a camwhore (2:30 mark) asking for photos all the time. Hahaha!! Enjoy the video below:

Hope I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm having a very bad case of stomach pain and fever combined. :(


Nivek said...

That was some girly scream... how old are you again? j/k

Anonymous said...

haha!! was it girly?? that's my usual scream..:P