Saturday, April 04, 2009


Wanna know the latest craze in our family? It’s this.

Haha! Blame the term to our housekeeper. You know what sometimes, we think she’s got loose screws on her head but funny when she comes up with these terms that instantly become a household term. So if you hear taktak in our house, it means the living room will be occupied because of these workout videos. Hehe.

Oh and by the way, it wasn’t only me. You see, I didn’t buy those videos. They just came as a bonus when Lem bought this Ab Rocket equipment that’s meant to you know aid in getting those 6-pack. :P And since I really didn’t like the equipment and I’m already used to dancing in the gym, I utilize the DVDs during lunchtime for those times when I only work at home and there’s no need to service our clients.

Who would’ve thought that this would become the craze in the family? Haha!! My kuya first started joining me one time maybe he just wanna try and see the effects for himself. Until eventually, he’s doing the exercise on his own. Haha!! And Lem! I didn’t know he’s going to be “in” to these but at times you will see the three of us down in our living room doing both their favorite video, the AB Sculpt. And it’s really a nice bonding for the three of us you know?? Wala lang, aliw lang. :) At times, you will see Mama joining us in the background also. Hahaha!!

So who uses the AB Rocket now? No one! Haha!! And who’s now “in” to getting more DVD work-outs? * Me raises my hand * Haha!! So I eventually explored and at times now doing Pilates and Belly Dancing at times. Hahaha!! Whew!! That’s the pressure you get when you’re going to Bora this week- errr, I mean later. Haha!! It’s 6 AM now and I was thankful I woke up an hour earlier (on my own) because you see I didn’t set the alarm coz I dozed off when I told myself last night that I’m just going to shut my eyes for an hour. God, I was so tired from work yesterday and I even managed to go to the gym for an hour of dance and another hour of weight lifting. See?? Pressure!! Tsk! Tsk!! Haha!!

So, I’m thinking if these DVD thingy can replace gym itself?? You see, I read from one of these Yahoo journals that one of the things that people waste their money on is the gym. But somehow I beg to disagree because Tytana is one of the MOST frugal persons I know in this world and the fact that she’s spending money for this just means something. Like it is some sort of an investment. A health one, right?? And besides, I really love Body Jam it would break my heart not to be part of it. Cathy would be devastated too if I left the gym. Haha!!

Ok, I really got to go. Still have to try some outfits for Bora. * wink wink * I just hope there’s going to be a TV in the hotel coz Lem’s gonna be in ASAP this Sunday and I really really hope that his new TVC on an orange juice will already be shown this weekend. Ciao guys! See you soon! :)


Nivek said...

Have a good trip... got news for you when you get back Sasha Fierce

Anonymous said...

thanks! i'm back! is this about ur new job?? :P