Monday, April 20, 2009

Shades of Purple

Lovin' all things in this shade, lately:

Bag. Can't resist when I found this one in GH. Tsk!

Shoes. The gladiators I've never worn. EVER!! Tsk!

Accessories. Well, Aldo may have failed me when it comes to shoes-es. But I'm loving their accessories. Aside from this headband below, this shop's fully equipping me with all my Carrie-related madness. Hello, feather clips! :P And I've just established what I want to do for a photoshoot, something ala-Audrey Hepburn. Duh, what are my LBDs for?? :P

Lastly, the dress that made me fall in love for it at the first sight! Hahaha!!


I feel like a princess in that dress!! Thanks Mango, thanks! :) OMG, I didn't realize how fun a photoshoot was until I've done that one above thru the help of my brother's Sony tripod!!

Wil, I'm ready!! Get the bestest SLR you'll ever have for September. I won't question your splurges!! Hahaha!! Lisa girl, I'm ready too. Take your photog classes seriously and I'll be preparing all my dresses. Hahahaha!! Shoot me guys, shoot me now!! Wahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

oh lol.. you did a photo shoot by yourself? Deng, seriously quit your job, and work with your brother lol.
Ok.. photo shoot na Sa September. I don't know if I'll be there the whole month, or 11 days, but we got to do a photoshoot.



Anonymous said...

hahaha!! are the pictures really that bad??

the tripod is just an accessory of my brother's cam but he's not into photography..hahaha!!!

yep, yep..september!! yey!!


Anonymous said...

no they're not bad.. it's just wierd doing a photo shoot by yourself with a timer and a tripod..
i've done self portraits, but I don't change clothes in between shots hehe..


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! no..its was rather fun! :P i dont think i can give those poses ive got in my other shots with a stranger around..hahahaha!!!