Friday, April 24, 2009

No More Tears

Why am I LSS-ing this?? Coz I just viewed the lyrics for myself early this week and found that:

1. Perfect state of my lovelife right now. Ask no more.
2. It's soooooooooooooo gay!! Lovesit!! Haha! By now, I hope you all know that I'm such a gay trapped in a woman's body. Hahaha!! I kid, I kid. :P Watch Donna Summer's antics below. :D
3. Remembered that I dance to this song in the gym. Love the steps!! Which made me miss the launch of the new release of Body Jam tonight in GH. :(
4. It's a perfect karaoke song! I would love to do a duet of this with Joyee!! Haha!! We'll be able to do it only in Pinas. Believe it or not, haven't met her here yet. :(

I practically listened to every version of it in Youtube. I like this one best by Donna Summer and Tina Arena. Enjoy! :D

This is all I can afford for now. I've got work to do, review for training exercises tomorrow :,(, pack my things etc. etc. This week has been so unbelievably busy. Tsk! Last week in wardrobe planning what took me so long to worry was the night outfits. You know, for walking out to Clarke Quay maybe or somewhere but BOY! I haven't used a single iota of the things I packed. Haha!!

I'll just tell more stories next week. :) Hurrah for last day of training! Hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

Perfect state of your lovelife? Darn. I am too late. Although you're probably in love with a new pair of shoes or a dress haha

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Only the first few lines..not the entire song actually..if you'll search for the lyrics you know what I mean..

and I'm assuming your Kevin???



Nivek said...

Good identification skills or is it woman's intuition?

Anonymous said...

hahaha!! u see, this blog's got quite a number of viewers but only 2 of u are very vocal about my posts..u and Wil..