Monday, April 27, 2009

SG 5 Highlights

a. These are the foods I always look forward to when coming to SG: Q Bread’s Coffee Bun (why don’t they have this in Phils? :( ), fried prawn noodle, mee hon kuay, wintermelon tea, hot milk tea and chili crab. YUMMY! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to taste the last one because our choices of restau had to depend on our trainer who’s a vegetarian Indian. * sigh * Maybe next time. :( I also enjoy riding the taxis here: the Mercedes (wahaha!) and just plainly feeling safe inside. On my arrival, I almost forgot that I didn't have to lock all doors of the cab. I'm in Singapore! :P

b. The training was very intensive. Err, can I say it was BLOODY?? Haha!! For the 1st 3 days we had our lunch delivered in the office to save time and we finish late at night (8 PM). For dinners, we were able to tour outside but it was just quick as we have to go back to the hotel to take care of work. Yep, that pretty much was our week. :P Tough isn’t it? ;)

c. Dinners: Pan Gat (authentic Indian cuisine) @ Suntec City for Day 1, Food Republic @ Vivo City for Day 2. After dinner we had some delicious toasts @ Toast Box and some refreshing view of the sea. :P Some breather I must say, haha!! Day 3 was something special, Joanne treated us to La Nonna Italian restau in Holland Ave and some ice cream in Cold Rock. :) Last day, we had a buffet in Carousel restau in Scotts Road, Orchard with the whole Telco team. See? I was able to visit all 3 big malls during the weekdays. Hahaha!! But no shopping. :(

d. Kindness. I’m so touched. I was waiting for Joy in their flat in Sembawang Friday night for about half an hour already when their neighbor opposite them noticed me and asked me to get inside. Wala lang, for me that was just so so kind of her. Letting a stranger enter your home and treat her nicely – it doesn’t happen everyday right? Not only that, she served me some Indian food and she can’t believe how I know so much of the cuisine. Haha!! You should’ve seen me – I was like a student reporting to her how I know and love their food so much. :P
e. JJJOOOOYYYY!! Just being with her. :) She's a bit pre-occupied and kind of stressed out these days. Friday night, would you believe that we watched You Changed My Life in her laptop. Hahaha!! It was a very good movie, it's such a shame I had to watch it that way. With uhmm you know, those standing persons visible in the screen and hearing also those laughter inside the cinema. WAHAHA!! Okay, some quick observation on the film. It was amazing how I can say right out that what Sarah tried to do was a screaming capital, bold and underline SSSTTTTUUUPPPPIIIIDDDD ( as in katangahan to the highest level) whereas before we were just the same person eschewing the same line of thinking. Tsk! This one struck a chord. Aylavet!

Since we had quite an emotional night (hahaha!!), we woke up late the next day. At night though we visited Orchard and they were having this A Shoe and Bag affair in Takashimaya. Hmm, I wasn’t able to bag anything though. However, I took note of some dresses in DP and WH and decided to just wait for them in Phils. I just noticed that the prices there went up a bit, I don’t know why.

A Shoe and Bag Affair in Takashimaya

Madonna for LV! Lahvet!

Photoshoot!! Wahaha!!

With all the eating, I must really get back to shape. I hate how I pant this morning doing my regular exercise. Tsk! Whole album in Multiply soon!

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